Super secret project

I've been added as a development reader on someone's project. Super secretly. Basically I get early access and get a free copy out of it. It's someone I admire very much from the roleplaying hobby, and it fills the niche of my product idea for Halaster Blackcloak's Guide to Dungeon Mastery.(Darn, why did it have … Continue reading Super secret project

One hundred dollars

A few days after my last post went up after a total of eight months and change, I reached a milestone with sales of things I have written DMsGuild and DrivethruRPG - I'd made $100 in total. Now I know I could have probably made more with a bit more effort. I'm terrible for not … Continue reading One hundred dollars

Crashing the Wedding

As you may recall, I spent the month of May following along with the Storytelling Collective class in D&D Encounter Writing. I finished writing it but didn't get much of the editing, layout and otherwise sorted at the time (but did find a cool background from Nimgyu). As of this week, I've finally finished it … Continue reading Crashing the Wedding

Fuelling the craft of Gamemastery

For the last little while, my desire to run a game again has been slowly rising. I have to assume it's due to watching a lot of videos on YouTube and listening to podcasts on running games (GMing and DMing), and paying attention to discussion in various forums and discord channels. I ran a playtest … Continue reading Fuelling the craft of Gamemastery

Gathering the Realms

My collaborative Magic the Gathering/Dungeons and Dragons crossover project is now live on DMsGuild for the world to see. Gathering the Realms bridges Theros, Ravnica and the Forgotten Realms into a cohesive, planeswalkable whole, and brings new items, spells, player options and variant rules to help you do that. From options for playing a Planeswalker, … Continue reading Gathering the Realms

500th Post

Oh, wow. So, hot on the heels of writer's block, I hit my 500th post of my blog. I blew past 400 some time last October without even noticing, placing much less emphasis on it that when I reached 300.I don't know why that is. I know when I got to 300 I'd just been … Continue reading 500th Post

Writer’s block

I've been struggling with some writer's block recently. I can't really decide if it's down to doing too much and running out of ideas, procrastination on things I've got notes for but no desire to finish right now, not having a lot of time to write, or some combination of the three. I took a … Continue reading Writer’s block

Cantrip Tattoos

Whilst working on a project for domestic-leaning magic items and spells, I got to thinking about the magical tattoos presented in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and specifically that the only usage of cantrips in tattoos was when they were being used in place of scrolls. So I started looking at what makes the other tattoos … Continue reading Cantrip Tattoos

Notes from a shelved D&D campaign

I've mentioned previously that I had a plan for a saurial-focused D&D campaign encompassing planar travel and spelljamming. I even started a write-up for it before I got busier writing stuff I could actually publish for money.But what with the pandemic and everything, I didn't ever get around to actually building it into a game … Continue reading Notes from a shelved D&D campaign

Designing Magic Items

I've been designing a lot of magic items recently, first with a Ravnica or Theros flavour, and now focused on domestic items that non-adventuring Dungeons & Dragons characters might use. The Magic the Gathering items were hard to think of, especially as so many had been created already. Now that I've moved on to the … Continue reading Designing Magic Items

Wrapping up the Encounter Design course

After the month of May finished, I had designed an encounter I was reasonably happy about. But! I decided not to publish it. So there were a few reasons why I ended up not finishing the encounter off to a publishable standard:1. I wasn't happy I had enough time to work on the layout and … Continue reading Wrapping up the Encounter Design course

Magic shops

I mentioned before that I was writing something involving a shop front. Well it's finally available for purchase! The Magic Shop Catalogue brings a whole load of different, system neutral ideas for stores (though generally embedded in fantasy) to populate your TTRPG games. I wrote Pawn's, a pawn shop run by a horrible man (who … Continue reading Magic shops

Taking a temporary step back

So I think I've come to a difficult decision: I'm going to reduce my blog output again. Between a tantrum-y toddler who's cutting back on his naps and trying his best to avoid bedtime in the evenings, plus work on other writing projects, I'm going to cut the blog down to a once a week … Continue reading Taking a temporary step back

Dungeons and Dragons: The Gathering

I doubt many people have missed the fact that Dungeons and Dragons is going to be the basis for the next set of Magic: The Gathering. I've recently jumped on a project to add some more Magic content to to D&D with a product on DMsGuild, and it's got me revisiting some old cards from … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons: The Gathering

Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations II – Sigil, City of Doors

Ah, Sigil, the centre of the Multiverse, or so the locals would have you think! What can one say that hasn't already filled multiple treatises? For a city of such a small size, there must be be multiple volumes dedicated to each f its many streets, even just to detail all the exotic locales one … Continue reading Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations II – Sigil, City of Doors

Another short post

It's been a busy few weeks so I haven't had as much chance to write the longer posts that I want to and instead you'll get a couple of shorter ones for now. The Storytelling Collective course continues apace. I just about have my encounter written, I need to sort a playtest or at least … Continue reading Another short post

Glittery Grimoires

Another book that I contributed to is now available on DMsGuild! The Glitter Grimoire fits into a gonzo D&D niche. All the spells and items are useful, but fit neatly into slapstick, silly, or prank niches.I wrote two spells for it - a cantrip called Spitball Barrage and a level 2 enchantment spell called Iggwilv's … Continue reading Glittery Grimoires

Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Greetings traveller, and welcome to this humble travel guide of the sights and sites of the Infinite Planes of Existence. Within this series of reference books I hope you'll find accurate information that aids you in your journey should you choose to 'hop a portal' and hang with the 'bashers, factols, and knights of the … Continue reading Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Designing D&D encounters with the Storytelling Collective

I missed the lead in to advertise it to others, but I've signed up for this month's encounter design class with The Storytelling Collective. Those of you who've been reading a while may remember I wrote my first adventure with the RPG Writer Workshop class, and the Collective is what the Workshop team have now … Continue reading Designing D&D encounters with the Storytelling Collective

Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest XV – Herald

Another class rename here - the paladin has become the herald. It makes some sense, and fits squarely the the genre of fantasy that the designers seem to be aiming at. Things that stay the same up to level 10:Divine Sense and Lay on Hands at level 1, Divine Smite at level 2, Oath features … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest XV – Herald