Spicy food made from big cows

I've been particularly negligent in my promo duties for MY FIRST KICKSTARTER! I am working on Fantasy Feasting, a cookbook / sourcebook (a saucebook!) for D&D 5e - though we'll be going with less of their branding later as it's OGL.I had the pleasure to collaborate on Luis A. Amaya's recipe for Dire Cow Enchilada … Continue reading Spicy food made from big cows

Planar goodies!

It's a great day for me as I write this - it's Tuesday 19th July here in the past, so not only do I have Journey's Through the Radiant Citadel to enjoy but I also get treated to Unearthed Arcana's Wonders of the Multiverse issue. I am very excited!Why? Because Planescape, that's why! Today I'm … Continue reading Planar goodies!

How did it go?

In my last post, I talked about finally stretching my DM muscles for the first time in a long time. How did it go? Short answer is we didn't get too far, but we did play a bit. The longer version is I had a table of five players, two of whom were veterans of … Continue reading How did it go?

Scratching the DM itch

Apologies for my lack of regular updates recently, I've been a bit all over with time management for a few weeks. I'm staring down a big chunk of empty evenings to fill, so there will be a return to more regular content here soon. I've been thinking recently that it's about time to jump back … Continue reading Scratching the DM itch

Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything (Volume 1) – a review

I asked to review this product and got a free copy. I'm using referral links to it below if anyone wants to give me a few cents from their purchase. Recently released on DMsGuild, Drizzt's Travelogue bills itself as 'an astonishing account of rules options for the world’s greatest roleplaying game'. Whilst we are presented … Continue reading Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything (Volume 1) – a review

Uncaged Goddesses – a review

I've been trying to finish off this review for a few weeks now, seems like I could never find the time. Read below a few reasons you should pick up this product on DMsGuild now! Uncaged: Goddesses Cover Art:Artist: Gwen Bassett (@gwendybee)Cover Layout: David Markiwsky (@DavidMarkiwsky) The new installment in the Uncaged series for D&D, … Continue reading Uncaged Goddesses – a review

Adventure seed – twilight caverns

I have another idea for an adventure brewing, although currently it's pretty early days. I was thinking about the caverns in the Elder Scrolls games, and how they're never entirely pitch black despite being deep underground. There's always a useful beam of light or small, high gap in a ceiling - never mid the inhabited … Continue reading Adventure seed – twilight caverns

5e creature idea – living weather

Eberron has living spells, magical emanations that have somehow gained sentience through some strange arcane twist, and now roam the landscape causing mayhem. I've seen suggestions of living breath weapons having the same twist - dragon's breath that's gained a will of its own, and now travels about causing mischief. I've been watching some old … Continue reading 5e creature idea – living weather

Oops accidentally all robots

I've mentioned recently that I'm playing a warforged artificer in an Eberron game. I've also recently gotten the chance to finally play the Fantasy Flight version of Star Wars. I went in not knowing very much about the game, I've only played a couple of sessions and I still don't really understand the different symbols … Continue reading Oops accidentally all robots

So… Spelljammer confirmed!

I think many people will be aware by now that D&D In Space (TM) is on the way in August. I'm very excited about the prospect. I've spoken before about my desire to run a Spelljammer game in 5e for a while and having official rules so I don't have to hack together and homebrew … Continue reading So… Spelljammer confirmed!

Seeker, warforged battle smith

As I mentioned last week, I've finally got to make a warforged character for an Eberron game, and only 18 or so years after buying the original campaign setting book when it arrived in 2004... Anyway, here's a bit about Seeker. Any tips and recommendations are more than welcome! Seeker, level 3 warforged battlesmith.Chaotic neutral, … Continue reading Seeker, warforged battle smith

Keeping on top of things

In recent months, I've been pretty bad at keeping to my regular weekly updates. I'm hoping to get back on track shortly when I have a bit more time, but after heading back to the office at the start of the year, I've lost a lot of my free time to commuting! There's a lot … Continue reading Keeping on top of things

End of the Carnival, Start of Something New

I joined an online game of Wild Beyond the Witchight with players in my locality a few months back. We recently made the switch back to in-person games, and it's been a little rough. Our DM has decided he wants to take a step back, potentially forever. My harengon archfey tomelock will have to sit … Continue reading End of the Carnival, Start of Something New

Unearthed Arcana – Heroes of Krynn

Apologies for the break last week, I've been ill! The Dragonlance novels, and D&D adventures, all took place in the world of Krynn. Now that Wizards is finally addressing this missing setting for 5e (hey, the new novel line is important enough for a public lawsuit, so they'd better get their acts together soon...), it … Continue reading Unearthed Arcana – Heroes of Krynn

A D&D Reward Chart

We recently picked up a sticker reward chart for our toddler, hoping that it would help motivate him to tidy up after himself, brush his teeth, and take medicine. So far the allure of shiny Paw Patrol stickers is all we've needed to get some more willingness from him for those activities (playing All I … Continue reading A D&D Reward Chart

Adventurous Locales

I've been trying to come up with some more interesting places to stick adventures, similar to Sigil in scope though not purpose. My City of Sunsets post sort of inspired this, as did all of my digging into Sigil (such as most recently) and other planar locations. I need to hash out the ideas a … Continue reading Adventurous Locales

Quirks of a City at the Centre of the Planes

I've been thinking a bit about how being at the centre of everything might affect Sigil, specifically how cosmopolitan it might get. A lot of big cities in the real world have established ethnic communities and imported cuisine, chances for fusion cooking, and unique ways of doing things like architecture, art, customs or even laws … Continue reading Quirks of a City at the Centre of the Planes

Mundane magic item ideas

I'm writing a product based on the Adventuring Gear table from the Player's Handbook. The general idea is to write some useful magic items that are based on mundane equipment. Here are a few samples, from a list of 30 or so that I'm working on. Collapsible LadderWondrous item, rareThe collapsible ladder looks like two … Continue reading Mundane magic item ideas

A Feywild Bundle

I haven't had any time to do any writing this week, for one reason or another: a return to full-time office work after 18 months working from home or on short shifts and a sick toddler mostly. What I do have to report though is that a community bundle that I contributed to has gone … Continue reading A Feywild Bundle

Soul-forged blades

I've been giving some thought to a 5e magic item based on the sword from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, based mostly on the idea of a magic item that's powered by psionic forces in some way rather than a physical item.Here's what I've come up with so far: Soul-forged BladeWeapon (varies), rare (requires attunement)A … Continue reading Soul-forged blades