So… Spelljammer confirmed!

I think many people will be aware by now that D&D In Space (TM) is on the way in August.

I’m very excited about the prospect. I’ve spoken before about my desire to run a Spelljammer game in 5e for a while and having official rules so I don’t have to hack together and homebrew stuff will be useful.

That said, I’m still unsure about the current iteration, and probably will be until I see the rules myself. The fact it’s a box set of multiple books does appeal to me though, and feels very classic Spelljammer!

At the moment, I think I’m most excited to see which parts of Spelljammer and the Radiant Crystal adventure collection work well together, along with what the new races bring to the game (4 arms, they bring viable rules for 4 arms that have been better playtested than any I could come up with. And I’ve been trying!).

So yes, very excited for giant space hamsters and spaceship combat (and to a lesser degree, the WizKids models, because they’d help a lot with inter-ship warfare).

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