How did it go?

In my last post, I talked about finally stretching my DM muscles for the first time in a long time.

How did it go? Short answer is we didn’t get too far, but we did play a bit.

The longer version is I had a table of five players, two of whom were veterans of several editions, one knew 5E well enough to quickly build a new 1st level character he’d never tried, and two complete newbies who needed some more guidance and explanation, so we got characters done and to the moment the first combat would start – wolves and a dire wolf!

Rachel is playing a dragonborn paladin former executioner, Ellen is playing a half-orc barbarian brewmaster, Sean has opted for a chaotic harengon nature cleric, Jahnavi built a halfling sword-and-board fighter, and Sanch wanted to play a telepathic snake person so we built her an aberrant mind sorcerer.
(I’ll actually make a note of character names next time we play, I didn’t need them so much this time.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how the party gels in the first fight, and see what people opt to do going forwards when they meet their main questgiver – 312 the modron!

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