Homebrew settings

Collected together below are my current homebrew settings. Some are ongoing, some are long dormant and could do with the dust blowing off.

Dungeons and Dragons:

A post-apocalyptic D&D setting where an immense jungle fed by arcane magical disaster chokes the world, and therefore arcane magic is outlawed.
Needs some Psionic rules to help it along.

Frostpunk –
The Goddess of Summer is assasinated and now there’s only unending winter, and everyone is stuck inside and ready to kick off.
Partly inspired by events in 2020.

The quick explanation is it’s Vikings in Space using 5e D&D as a base.

Hollow World –
A fresh take on Oriental Adventures, with a clash of East, South and West Asian cultures on a trans-continental traderoute.
With dinosaurs.

Invasion from the Netherverse –
5e Modern, with a horror bent. A little bit of Buffy, a little bit of d20 Modern’s Shadowhunters.

My take on an old-school feel 5e setting, with elements easily adapted to a West Marches-style game.

Out West
Cowboys and Dragons in a world recovering from a decades-long war against liches.

Sky Island Saga –
Romantic Fantasy with airships and swashbuckling.

The Endless Sea
My swashbuckling pirate fantasy setting, where every island brings adventure inspired by a different cultural or mythological background.

The Sprawl –
The world is turning to desert but the last holdouts live in a huge city.
Clockpunk, and gonzo.


Beyond the Pale –
Where the real world meets the Faerie Realms the further you get from the borders of ‘civilisation’.

A Cyberpunk FATE game with setting work done on the Pacific and currently working on porting to the Horn of Africa.

Sands of FATE
An Arabian Nights-inspired setting based heavily on Dreaden Files and Anglerre.

The Old Crown
Ongoing development since 2010, first in D&D and then in FATE and Cortex, and maybe somewhere else soon.
My own spin on a fantasy setting, with scope for fantastical high fantasy or gritty politicking, or both.

Twin Cities –
A Place Between, only possible to reach by those with the blood of royalty, where the worlds of humanity and the Aelfar (and perhaps a few others) meet.

Twixt Flower and Thorn –
Progress marches ever on for the Kingdoms of Iron as they invade the Fae Realms with the aid of shadow magic and demons.
Now the beings of Fae must repel the invaders before they irrevertably poison the Realms.


Dust –
Originally written for Numenera but with other options also in mind, this setting is a wasteland pocket dimension where people are trapped without a future – they need adventurers to find a way out.

Inspired by the Ghostwalk D&D setting, a city where the spirits of the dead can be spoken to before they pass on.