After being lucky enough to play in a 5e Planescape game, I started to get the itch to put it all together with some new stuff and my own ideas and maybe run with it. This page contains links to that content, as well as some blog posts about the setting and adventures as I’m working on them.
I really enjoy the Planescape setting. It’s ineffably huge, which can make it difficult to get into, but it also means you can do a lot with it.

Eberron was designed as a Noir setting filled with arcanotech. Strip back some of the tech and you could be running Sharn adventures in Sigil, or any of the burgs on the Outlands, or the bigger cities of the Planes.
The same goes for anything based in Ravnica, Wizards’ setting from Magic the Gathering that got a crossover.

If you really have to pull stuff from the Prime Material Planes, it’s entirely possible as well:

  • Faerûn (and wider Toril) is covered in various gates and portals, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to pull a group back and forth.
  • Any of the Wizards’ settings from Magic the Gathering could work well enough, with Planeswalkers travelling between them already. I’d be more inclined to adapt them for use instead of send players there though.
  • Ravenloft is a demiplane already, so that fits wherever we want it to fit.
  • Greyhawk has a lot in common with Faerûn on this list, being one of the older settings.
  • Newhon (the world of Lankhmar) and Ptolus, even Midgard – still very doable, if you’re willing to travel or find hard to reach gates.
  • Spelljammer… well, you throw a dockyard on the side of Sigil, and it’s an option I guess?
  • Mystara and Dark Sun? Well, I don’t have enough experience with Mystara, though I’m reasonably sure there’s portals involved there. Dark Sun is a lot more difficult to reconcile, I’ll have to come back to that.

Planescape content so far:

Additonal Planescape Inspirational Material
Tout’s Guide to Sigil

Finally playing Planescape – The start of my character Loge’s adventures.
Loge escapes from the Astral Plane – The end of Loge’s adventures.

Not quite a new idea: Planescape – The start of my own content for Planescape starting to bubble.
Planescape II: Stealing low-level adventures – Wherein we take a look at some low-level adventures on DMsGuild and port them over to Sigil and the Outlands.
Planescape III: draft rules for Factions part 1 – Part 1 of a series – see below.
Planescape IV: draft rules for Factions part 2 – Doomguard – Part 2, and an attempt at rules.

Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Getting started
Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Doomguard