Basher’s Guide to Sigil’s Factions – Getting started

Following on from a couple of different posts a while ago on building Sigil’s Factions in to D&D 5e, I’m going to take another crack at it as an ongoing series, this time with a bit of an overview of each Faction but focusing much more on the new rules I’ve built than the old rules I’m basing things off.

Stuff I’m keeping from that old post:
We want the different Faction ranks to key with different levels of Renown. In keeping with what I had written before (and the newer Piety rules presented in Mythic Odysseys of Theros agreeing with me), we’ll look at advancement in a fairly straightforward way and ignore how it’s getting done – that’s a whole series of adventures for players and DMs themselves to come up with.

Level of RenownRank in a Faction
NPC levelFactol
This should look pretty familiar to those links above

Notice I’ve now added a level called ‘Factioneer’. Some of the Factions have their own name for members, but I wanted this to be a bit of a distinct level to Namer – people who pay a particular Faction lip service, but who ultimately wouldn’t be missed if they jumped ship.
The closer you get to 10 Renown, the more the Faction will trust you, but also the harder they’ll come after you if you jump ship to another Faction.
After 10 Renown, you’re on a hit list for daring to leave.

Other stuff to think about:
There’s some space for crossover with my other idea of Favour as a resource for group patrons, since a Faction could be easily run that way too, but I want to build on my Renown ideas first.

So where do we go from here?
Well, I’ll be rebuilding my attempt at the Doomguard, and then follow the rest on from there hopefully in a sensible order (depending on how complicated we start to get!).

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