Roll for shoes

I recently came across the micro-RPG Roll for Shoes in a post on Reddit (which I’ve subsequently lost).
To put it plainly, this game seems amazing to me, and I want to play it as soon as possible.

I can see it working the best for a convention game, though I’d also like to see how it would work with specific settings.
It seems like it would favour gonzo gaming more than serious styles of play, but that still leaves plenty of space for fun stuff – spoof fantasy games ripping on The Hobbit, not-so-serious fun in a Vampire the Masquerade setting, even just a plain game of Paranoia (for it’s own definition of ‘plain’).

Could it be used for a more serious game? I don’t know, it seems like they all seem to skew silly just by application of the mechanics.
There’s an actual play on Youtube from the RPG Exploration Society that looks good, though I haven’t gotten too far into it (Roll to see what you know about gnomes? Yes, you now have the skill ‘Gnowing Gnomes’).
With the right group, I think you could pprobably push it in a more serious direction, but I don’t really think that group exists.

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