Scratching the DM itch

Apologies for my lack of regular updates recently, I’ve been a bit all over with time management for a few weeks. I’m staring down a big chunk of empty evenings to fill, so there will be a return to more regular content here soon.

I’ve been thinking recently that it’s about time to jump back into DMing, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I think I’ve narrowed it down pretty well to Planejamming though…

I have an idea for building a longer-running arc, but I want to get the prep in first for people who don’t know the multiverse as well. I think I can do that by running a couple of introductory things, but I’m not entirely sure how to link them together easily.

First, to get everyone into the multiversal setting after the necessary Session Zero, I’m thinking of A Boy and his Modron. It’s a neat setup, and leaves a way to travel to my favourite home away from home, Sigil.
After that, probably Blue Alley or something similar. I might instead do something from Radiant Citadel, but that’s not there for me to read through yet!

For Tier 2, I have the start of my Dinojammer trilogy, which could take us through the rest of the entire tier and beyond. I just need to ensure that everyone is cool with spiders in Session Zero.
Other options are again Radiant Citadel content, maybe something from Candlekeep, or I can rerun some of my pirate adventures on the Plane of Water.

I don’t want to plan further than that so that I have a nice cushion for anything unexpected (or expected – waiting on a work transfer).

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