Notes from a shelved D&D campaign

I’ve mentioned previously that I had a plan for a saurial-focused D&D campaign encompassing planar travel and spelljamming. I even started a write-up for it before I got busier writing stuff I could actually publish for money.
But what with the pandemic and everything, I didn’t ever get around to actually building it into a game I could run.

I have great plans for it once I’m vaccinated and our local in-person games start up again, but for now it’s a slow-burning work in progress.

All that being said, here’s what I have thought out for it so far:

After some low-level adventures (or if it’s a seasoned group we might skip straight to the action), the group encounter a strange reptilian creature in the Markets ward of Sigil. They’re clearly lost, but if communication can be established, it quickly becomes clear that they’re a hero in need of allies, and the quest has far-reaching planar significance.
The saurial homeworld is under attack by spellweavers and various spider-themed races – neogi mainly. It seems the spellweavers and the saurial go back a long, long time, and there’s some kind of lost planar empire the spellweavers finally have a chance to get back.
Now, it’s up to our heroes to help this particular saurial on his quest to find a Time Bandits-style map in a vault full of robots and artificers hidden in the Outlands.

But wait, there’s more!

Once they have the map, the group have to secure an artefact lost to the Saurials when the evil god Moander and his followers invaded. Heading to the Hells and the former lair of Moander and his plant-zombie friends, the Cult of Fallen Moander, they also have a chance to help centuries-enslaved saurials and to head off an invasion of part of the Realms.

Finally, they need to find allies to break the neogi blockade of the planet – heading in to spelljamming territory to look for the Elven Armada aboard an ancient saurial spacecraft hidden deep inside the Rock of Bral’s own Underdark.
And THEN they get to fight off an planar alignment invasion force from another dimension, or some such. That ending got pretty hazy!

I’d like to make the low-level adventures tie in but I’m still working on the how for that. I’ve also said a lot of the above before, but sometimes reiterating the big stuff helps jog my brain for the small stuff and the fun secrets I have planned.
Like the robot god in the Outlands, other potential allies the group can recruit, and the reason behind the whole planar malevolence theme too.

Anyway, still a WIP, but one I hope to get to soon.

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