Out West

Out West is my Weird West D&D setting. It’s a lot of fun to look into and play around with.

The action takes place out in the Western Wastes after the prolonged Lich Wars, a series of civil wars across several Lich-controlled city-states.
Players take on the role of someone who decided the best place for them was out in the frontier, away from their histories or painful reminders. Each of the races has been touched by the Liches and the rebellion in some way – Humans had Tiefling and Aasimar cousins, the Wood Elves and Hill Dwarves are long gone but the Shadar-Kai and Duergar were options. Goblin and Svirfneblin engineering has created the ultimate warriors of the rebellion in the Warforged, but now they have no purpose and have to discover a new one.

Obviously, there are sixguns and card hucksters galore too. Reddit User Old Gus put together a great bunch of Weird West rules that I love, so when I eventually run in the setting, I will probably use them heavily, along with any other bits and pieces I can borrow.

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