Core Belief Statement

Inspired by this statement which was flagged up by… someone in the RPG community? Sorry, I’ve lost who it was.
Anyway, here’s what I want to influence me going forwards.

  • Leave the world a better place than when you arrived. The true measure of success is to have an impact on other people and to be missed when you’re gone.
  • Do right by others as much as you can, and elevate others as much as possible.
  • All lives matter, but right now it’s obvious that’s a belief not enough people hold.
  • Love is love. Trans rights are Human Rights. Be an ally.
  • Don’t abuse what power you have, find a way to use it for the benefit of everyone.
  • I am a growing, changing (middle-aged) person, but I have as much life ahead of me as behind. I will look at new ideas and perspectives, potentially adopt them into my worldview, and forget outdated views.