I’ve been brainstorming a Scifi Space Viking game for D&D 5E for a while now. Here are some links to stuff so far, in chronological order

Vikings… IN SPAAAAAACE! February 6th 2015

Vikings! An Update February 22nd 2015

More Space Viking Nonsense June 30th 2015

Worlds of the Ginnungagap July 11th 2015

Redux! Worlds of the Ginnungagap August 7th 2015

Ginnungagap revisited April 8th 2017

More Ginnungagap April 9th 2017

Races of the Ginnungagap April 24th 2017

Classes of the Ginnungagap April 30th 2017

Quick rules changes of the Ginnungagap May 1st 2017

State of the Ginnungagap February 26th 2018

Ginnungagap – Come from Afar March 9th 2018

Ginnungagap – The Nine Worlds March 12th 2018

Ginnungagap – Races Redux March 26th 2018

Factions in the Ginnungagap April 2nd 2018

Ginnungagap – Classes Redux April 13th 2018

Ginnungagap – Guns and Armour April 16th 2018

Ginnungagap – Expanded first adventure opening June 25th 2018

Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Ginnungagap October 14th 2019