Adventure seed – twilight caverns

I have another idea for an adventure brewing, although currently it's pretty early days. I was thinking about the caverns in the Elder Scrolls games, and how they're never entirely pitch black despite being deep underground. There's always a useful beam of light or small, high gap in a ceiling - never mid the inhabited … Continue reading Adventure seed – twilight caverns

Fey character options

I've spent the last few days writing up some ideas I had for warlock patrons and a variant Tabaxi that are found in the Feywild. The Tabaxi variant, which I've called the Grimalkin (as many have before me), are a fey being with similar features to their normal Material Plane cousins, but with features also … Continue reading Fey character options

Notes from a shelved D&D campaign

I've mentioned previously that I had a plan for a saurial-focused D&D campaign encompassing planar travel and spelljamming. I even started a write-up for it before I got busier writing stuff I could actually publish for money.But what with the pandemic and everything, I didn't ever get around to actually building it into a game … Continue reading Notes from a shelved D&D campaign

December worldbuilding prompts II

This time I'm going to focus on the lower half of the prompts. ReligionGodThe members of the Ascended Host are nearly omnipotent, but don't mistake them for infallible. They still hold all their flaws and desires from their mortal lives, for all their airs and graces.The Host are also not impossible to remove. The Garden … Continue reading December worldbuilding prompts II

FantasyCraft and DM advice

So I just discovered the gem that is FantasyCraft and... Wow, yeah. This is how I wanted to play D&D back during 3rd edition. It really is my dungeon, my dragon, my way with this book.Damn. Now if only I'd owned this fifteen years ago. I think I even saw one in the wild once, … Continue reading FantasyCraft and DM advice

More work on the Hollow World

Let's take a look at where the Hollow World is going. First of all, if there are disparate cultures loosely based on various real-world cultures, how are they interacting in such a way that a party could include members from all across the Hollow World?Well, the simple answer is trade routes and crossroads, and the … Continue reading More work on the Hollow World

Sky Island Saga – a game of twenty questions

Another in the series of using twenty questions to bump up the setting information - this time we're looking at my swashbuckling romantic fantasy setting, Sky Island Saga. Last time I was a grumpy old dwarf, this time, I'll be a more helpful citizen of a Freehold. Hello traveller, new to the skies? You must … Continue reading Sky Island Saga – a game of twenty questions

Frostpunk – a game of twenty questions

I was digging around on Dungeons and Possums again, and came across a post that references one from Jeff Rients back in 2011.Now, whatever you think of Jeff Rients (I'm no real fan based on certain views), I think these questions will be useful to flesh out some details in my newer homebrew settings. So, … Continue reading Frostpunk – a game of twenty questions

Divergence from the D&D norm

Once again, I find myself going back through Dungeons and Possums' older posts and finding gold.I'm going to talk a bit about how most of my games diverge from the 'normal' of D&D, but I want to try and focus more on Hollow World too. I'll start with a quote from Dungeons and Possums, rather … Continue reading Divergence from the D&D norm

Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Beyond the Pale

Centuries ago, the good people of the Commonwealth took ownership over the lands of the Pale by conquest and divine right. In the ensuing time, life has been good both for the people of the Commonwealth and the locals, with both seeing great strides in the cause of civilisation. Unfortunately, there are still those who … Continue reading Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Beyond the Pale

Story dice plot generator

A few years ago, I picked up a couple of boxes of story cubes - dice with fun pictures on them. The plan was to use them for random encounters specifically in my Ginnungagap setting, as I'd picked up both the medieval fantasy set and the science fiction set. Of course, as with many ideas, … Continue reading Story dice plot generator

Collecting the Spells in the Unremembered Domains

What's this? My finger on the pulse for my 400th post?! How did I manage to do that? So, Wizards of the Coast has announced that the Forgotten Realms will be one of the planes visited during Magic the Gathering's 2021 releases.I suppose that will make the Planeshift supplement easier to write? This isn't exactly … Continue reading Collecting the Spells in the Unremembered Domains

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 26 – Strange

I'm guessing a lot of people will be talking about The Strange for this post. I have very limited experience with the Cypher System and none with the Strange itself, but I like the feeling of the setting, and how the game works. So why am I writing about this if I have no idea … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 26 – Strange

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 15 – Frame

OK, I'm going to take a moment to give you a quick rundown of my current Saurial/Planescape idea. It's only been a short while, but it's changed some. I may have added in some Spelljamming... Whoops! So, the current framing idea/elevator pitch looks like this: The PCs are wandering the Great Bazaar in Sigil. They … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 15 – Frame

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 14 – Banner

As part of the session zero for the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, the players are tasked with building a noble family to be the centre of the game - they can be attendants, young nobles, venerable maesters, and so on.The catch is, they are any of the big noble families we pay much … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 14 – Banner

Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Twixt Flower and Thorn

The invaders were lucky, in some respects. Their dire portal opened to a meadow in which they could decamp and move large materials easily. They had brought slave labour in the form of podlings - those changelings they had found in their own realm and destroyed with their dark arcanery. Had they but arrived in … Continue reading Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Twixt Flower and Thorn

Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Twin Cities

The Twin Cities. The Crossroads. The City of Bridges. None of the titles of the city truly does it justice. This is a unique point in the world, a crossroads, where those of royal blood are able to visit a strange half-world of an immense, ornate metropolis.The City Between is accessible from not one but … Continue reading Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Twin Cities

Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Frostpunk

"The old story goes that the world was once a garden, pleasant and mild, neither too hot nor too cold, and at this time all of the peoples of the world were created.This ain't that world no more. Two great powers rose, and fought, one led by the God of Winter, one by the Goddess … Continue reading Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Frostpunk

Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 29

"Evolve" It kind of goes without saying that over time my gaming style has evolved. The world around me has changed, I've changed, I've learned new things and done new things, so my games in 2010 would be nothing like my games in 2020. OK, maybe a bit alike. I'd still be running them, I've … Continue reading Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 29

Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 27

"Suspense" I've always struggled with action beats in my writing, whether it's for tabletop games or just creative writing.I tend to get bogged down in descriptions or extra information and then they don't drop how I want them to. I know it's a thing I can work on with practice and I've definitely gotten better … Continue reading Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 27