Collecting the Spells in the Unremembered Domains

What’s this? My finger on the pulse for my 400th post?! How did I manage to do that?

So, Wizards of the Coast has announced that the Forgotten Realms will be one of the planes visited during Magic the Gathering’s 2021 releases.
I suppose that will make the Planeshift supplement easier to write?

This isn’t exactly huge news – Magic the Gathering has been pushed into D&D repeatedly in recent years, and realistically that makes sense from a business perspective.
Hell, the entire point of Magic as originally designed was to have something to do during downtime at gaming conventions – though bored whilst waiting for a D&D group to show up, or whilst someone was hogging a book during character creation also seem to be valid reasons they should have thought of at the time!

Of course, this is the first time it’s really gone the other way – kind of. Ignoring premium release cards like the Sword of Dungeons and Dragons, this will be a big deal.

But… will it work?

What colour is a magic missile? (White.)
Do I have to cast identify to understand how artifact cards work? (Yes.)
Will Elminster or Halaster make an appearance? (I’d be surprised if they didn’t.)

Whatever, I just hope they make kobolds a viable tribe finally.
Oh, I’m going to have to go over my Decks page

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