RPGaDay 2020 prompt 31 – Experience

And that’s the end of the RPGaDay prompts for 2020.

It’s been fun, and actually doing it in the right month (and the right year) has made for a nice change!

I feel like taken together, there’s less change to my games going forward than I ended up with after the 2019 prompts.

No doubt at some point soon I’ll realise there was a lot more to learn that I just skipped over by not keeping up with all the other great RPGaDay posts, but with a toddler running around the place and limited time, I can only read so much.

As usual, I can only recommend my experience of following these writing prompts.
You don’t have to use them just for RPGs! They’re just one word!

And of course, you can always get away with doing them at a later date – I followed the 2019 prompts beginning in June 2020 and finishing in July!

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