Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 31


None of us really knows what’s coming next. Between various things, games can fall apart.
We never know when our last game is going to be, or when our last game with a specific person will be.

I’ve mentioned before that my Planescape DM passed at the end of last year. It’s been six months and I miss him and the game. He just had so much energy when he ran it.
I reread some old messages last month and realised he’d thought about packing it in a few times due to lack of player engagement. He also said I kept him going.

I managed to resurrect him the other night though. In a play-by-post Planescape game, one of the DMs helpfully introduced an NPC named Bob in Xaos, the leader of a cell of Xaositects there.
He’d heard the story and my plan to introduce Bob into the Planes, so I took over for a few hours. The players enjoyed their encounter with him, though I don’t think I played him quite right.
Thin Lizzy tribute bassist, covered. Enjoying the conversation, covered. But I was surprised by a quest reward I didn’t know was coming and I don’t think I managed to channel his creativity.

I suppose there’s always next time.

Stay safe gang, look after each other.

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