Scratching the DM itch

Apologies for my lack of regular updates recently, I've been a bit all over with time management for a few weeks. I'm staring down a big chunk of empty evenings to fill, so there will be a return to more regular content here soon. I've been thinking recently that it's about time to jump back … Continue reading Scratching the DM itch

RPG Adventure Writer’s Workshop Fall 2021

Last year, for the month of November, I took part in the RPG Adventure Writer's Workshop, hosted by what is now Storytelling Collective. It was a lot of fun, and I learnt a lot from it - and it's given me the chance to write some more things for other people to read. But I … Continue reading RPG Adventure Writer’s Workshop Fall 2021

Barok’s Miscellany of Dragonblood

Last week, I talked about old editions of D&D I'd been mining for ideas for my new product.On Wednesday, I published Barok's Miscellany of Dragonblood for $5 on DMsGuild. Let's take a look at what I ended up writing.The contents of the Miscellany are for both players and dungeon masters, with character options and monsters … Continue reading Barok’s Miscellany of Dragonblood

Fuelling the craft of Gamemastery

For the last little while, my desire to run a game again has been slowly rising. I have to assume it's due to watching a lot of videos on YouTube and listening to podcasts on running games (GMing and DMing), and paying attention to discussion in various forums and discord channels. I ran a playtest … Continue reading Fuelling the craft of Gamemastery

Gathering the Realms

My collaborative Magic the Gathering/Dungeons and Dragons crossover project is now live on DMsGuild for the world to see. Gathering the Realms bridges Theros, Ravnica and the Forgotten Realms into a cohesive, planeswalkable whole, and brings new items, spells, player options and variant rules to help you do that. From options for playing a Planeswalker, … Continue reading Gathering the Realms

Dungeons and Dragons: The Gathering

I doubt many people have missed the fact that Dungeons and Dragons is going to be the basis for the next set of Magic: The Gathering. I've recently jumped on a project to add some more Magic content to to D&D with a product on DMsGuild, and it's got me revisiting some old cards from … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons: The Gathering

Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations II – Sigil, City of Doors

Ah, Sigil, the centre of the Multiverse, or so the locals would have you think! What can one say that hasn't already filled multiple treatises? For a city of such a small size, there must be be multiple volumes dedicated to each f its many streets, even just to detail all the exotic locales one … Continue reading Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations II – Sigil, City of Doors

Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Greetings traveller, and welcome to this humble travel guide of the sights and sites of the Infinite Planes of Existence. Within this series of reference books I hope you'll find accurate information that aids you in your journey should you choose to 'hop a portal' and hang with the 'bashers, factols, and knights of the … Continue reading Cutter’s Guide to Planar Locations

Updating 5e – Princes of the Apocalypse

I've been spending a lot of my time recently delving in to Princes of the Apocalypse, D&D 5e's second adventure book. It was released in 2015, making it the first to release after all three of the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual were out. It is... not great? I actually had … Continue reading Updating 5e – Princes of the Apocalypse

Candlekeep Companions

I spent a good part of February writing a supplement of NPCs for Candlekeep with Chad M. Lensch and Transparent Games. This is a tie in for Candlekeep Mysteries, since adventurers in theory find themselves at the keep at least for some of their time. It was a really enjoyable experience, and I'm very happy … Continue reading Candlekeep Companions

How to DM III – What are we playing?

I'm going to cheat a little bit with this post, but we'll circle back later on and hopefully make it right!I've called this series How to DM, so we're going to start by looking at Dungeon Masters - which means we're playing Dungeons and Dragons, since it's super popular and a known gateway to playing … Continue reading How to DM III – What are we playing?

Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Market Ward

Wotcha sirrah. Still want that tour then?OK, we'll start with and easy one. Let's go shopping. You've been here a little while I take it? Good, then I'll skip the talk about the dabus, sedan chairs, jink and razorvine wine.This here is the centre of the multiverse. I know, I know. Maybe "everyone and everything … Continue reading Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Market Ward

How to DM II – a quick overview

My last post focused on the Why of DMing, so let's make a start on the How of doing it. There's a bunch of places you can go to pick up some quick tips for starting out. Run to YouTube, watch people run games in person and virtually. Watch videos of people giving advice for … Continue reading How to DM II – a quick overview

Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Welcome to the Cage

Sigil. Yes with a hard G.City of Doors, on account of all the portals.The Cage, on account of... well, most people have a theory. Welcome, you poor Clueless sod, to this grand city of mine, this jewel in the crown of the multiverse, this little slice of heaven and hell of your choosing .Mind out … Continue reading Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Welcome to the Cage

Collecting the Spells in the Unremembered Domains

What's this? My finger on the pulse for my 400th post?! How did I manage to do that? So, Wizards of the Coast has announced that the Forgotten Realms will be one of the planes visited during Magic the Gathering's 2021 releases.I suppose that will make the Planeshift supplement easier to write? This isn't exactly … Continue reading Collecting the Spells in the Unremembered Domains

New Idea – Sky Island Saga

OK, so I know I said I was going back to work on old ideas, but this has been rattling around recently. So, a thousand years ago a war between the gods of light and dark shattered a world, and now it exists only as islands drifting around on various levels. The upper levels still … Continue reading New Idea – Sky Island Saga

Come Hell or High Water

Well, a shortage of DMs means I've agreed to stick my oar in - time to run a game of the Endless Sea and see where it goes. So far, I know I'm running a session 0 / 1, so going to do some character creation and run the escape from Ys as it sinks … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water

Ostromarka – yet more D&D

I started thinking of yet another D&D setting - this one is for my horror ideas, nominally. The idea was for Ostromarka to be the most distant, easterly outpost of the kingdom of Theudengard. Everything to the east, beyond Ostromark, is a blighted wasteland filled with demons and marauding orcs and probably a good few … Continue reading Ostromarka – yet more D&D

Ginnungagap – Come from Afar

For countless millennia, the void of the Ginnungagap was without form, unshaped by life. Slowly at first, then in a rush, the great races of the gods filled the void and created the worlds of mortals. Travelling slowly from across the Ginnungagap, the gods Buri and Bor found the great sweeping ice cloud home of the … Continue reading Ginnungagap – Come from Afar

Classes of the Ginnungagap

I've been reading around what other people have worked into sci-fi D&D rules around the internet, and I'll be pinching and tweaking and fiddling as I go. A good portion of what I'm working with comes from Fifth Age, though I'm going for a lasers and sorcery setting so there's the thorny issue of magic … Continue reading Classes of the Ginnungagap