New Idea – Sky Island Saga

OK, so I know I said I was going back to work on old ideas, but this has been rattling around recently.

So, a thousand years ago a war between the gods of light and dark shattered a world, and now it exists only as islands drifting around on various levels. The upper levels still bathe in the brilliance of the gods of light, the lowest still inhabited by the gods of dark and their minions.

And in the middle, the common folk. Noble classes higher up, drudges lower down, and a sort of Underdark at the lower levels before it gets too overrun by nasties.

And, obviously, airships and sky pirates and stuff in between.

So, it’s got pirates like the Endless Sea, it’s got a post-apocalyptic world like Cambria, how is this different to my other settings?
Well, I was thinking of focusing more on the swashbuckling and saving people, and maybe taking some cues from Blue Rose.

The old Blue Rose setting from 3.5/True 20 (they changed how D&D worked and only used a d20 I think? I’d have to go back and re-read the books) was based around Romantic Fantasy, so a bit less Elves and Orcs at war and a bit more ragtag group forming new relationships and saving the day.

It’s still basically D&D, but with more of an aim to focus on Social Interaction and Exploration pillars than the Combat pillar (if you like to subscribe to that way of building games).
I think I’ve played a lot of combat-based games recently, and I miss some of the social interaction elements from my old Vampire the Masquerade games.

Anyway, steampunk skyships flying under shimmersilk sails, maybe a few of the flying races like Aarakocra and Avariel elves, and maybe a focus on the past duality of things.
For the Aarakocra, there’s a mirror in the Kenku. For the Aasimar, there’s the Tieflings. Dragonborn and Kobolds, Humans and Shifters or Changelings (undecided), Halflings or Gnomes (again, undecided) and Goblins. Elves and Orcs I guess.
Not to say that only the dark races are evil and only the good races are nice, but probably being a good race and evil will be a nasty secret, and good people don’t trust the bad people? I guess?

Like I said, it’s a new idea and I’m still working on it.

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