State of Republic

So, a long, long time ago, when I lived in a different country that's not so far away, I wrote a post about running a D&D game in a Roman-style Republic. I've referenced it a few times in recent months. That last one is probably where this new idea was formed. There, and with my … Continue reading State of Republic

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 24 – Humour

I'm a big fan of humorous asides in games, or playing gonzo-style. And I've played a good bit of Paranoia, so gonzo is easy. I'm debating a gonzo game to be added to my work-in-progress campaign settings. Most of the ones I write are serious. But so far, I haven't come up with an idea … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 24 – Humour

Not quite a new idea – Planescape

So I'm starting to get withdrawal from my Planescape game. I always wanted to play a game in the setting, and it was a really enjoyable experience. I have a whole host of other settings that I could run a game in, but I think I'd really like to run a planar game now, with … Continue reading Not quite a new idea – Planescape

New Idea – Sky Island Saga

OK, so I know I said I was going back to work on old ideas, but this has been rattling around recently. So, a thousand years ago a war between the gods of light and dark shattered a world, and now it exists only as islands drifting around on various levels. The upper levels still … Continue reading New Idea – Sky Island Saga

Return to Twixt Flower and Thorn

I've been mulling over this idea in a bit more detail, mostly on the invaders and what they'd be like. I know the invaders will be the humans and dwarves, and possibly tieflings. I've been thinking they might use various other races as slaves, and might use some kind of magical technology to do so, … Continue reading Return to Twixt Flower and Thorn

New Idea – Regency & D & D

Not too sure about this one, but it came to me recently. You could kind of do it with a colonial-bent, i.e. there's these colonies halfway across the world and back in the Old World everyone keeps to themselves and nobody much likes magic and there's petty grudges and rivalries between all the different races … Continue reading New Idea – Regency & D & D

New Idea – Frostpunk

So after seeing the videogame Frostpunk, I had a couple of ideas. If you don't know it, it's an alternate history sci-fi thing where the world gets plunged into an ice age in the Victorian era. So, how to play it?Well, there's always FATE. That would work pretty well. I like the idea of a … Continue reading New Idea – Frostpunk

New Idea – Out West

So I was thinking about another new idea, and sadly I think it might just be a mess of one. Basically - Dungeons and Dragons and Cowboys So, we steal a bit from Deadlands and have Ghostrock or something like it for the guns and gold rush and stuff. And probably some kind of terrible … Continue reading New Idea – Out West

Immortal Emperor

Back when I started in college, I played in a 3rd ed D&D game set in a pseudo-Rome with an immortal emperor. We'd been sent off to the far north/fake Rheinland to help defend against Cthulhuesque monsters, and then we'd headed across a southern ocean towards a version of Alexandria. We were about to explore … Continue reading Immortal Emperor