RPGaDay 2020 prompt 24 – Humour

I’m a big fan of humorous asides in games, or playing gonzo-style. And I’ve played a good bit of Paranoia, so gonzo is easy.

I’m debating a gonzo game to be added to my work-in-progress campaign settings. Most of the ones I write are serious. But so far, I haven’t come up with an idea that works for it, that I’d want to run.

My shortlist is: –

1/ a Final Fantasy-style D&D or FATE game – which should be reasonably easy to pull off.
2/ an idea I’m calling Gonzojammer – Spelljammer but with as much steampunk and Flash Gordon and pulp as possible, and casting Ming the Merciless as a Mindflayer or Neogi.
3/ a very, very generic D&D game that just allows for silly ideas – because it’s actually an MMO, so allows for a Western Marches-style to quests and such.

Of those three, I think I’d love the second idea the most, though I know most players wouldn’t be as interested.

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