State of Republic

So, a long, long time ago, when I lived in a different country that’s not so far away, I wrote a post about running a D&D game in a Roman-style Republic.
I’ve referenced it a few times in recent months. That last one is probably where this new idea was formed.

There, and with my reading of Spelljammer.

So, the current state of Republic is, it’s a D&D Spelljammer setting, where the Republic itself has taken over its homeworld (the Capitol), it’s home system (the Provinces), and now it’s moving out into the Phlogiston to other Spheres (the Colonies, and Beyond).

I figure they’re going to find life outside their little bubble is very different to how they expected it.
I’m still thinking of having them run up against a wall of another empire, but whether I go for my earlier ideas of an Ancient China analogue or do something different is still up in the air.

If I go with something different, the big enemy is likely going to be the Klicks.

The Klicks were in Star Drive for the Alternity system and for d20 Future. They’re basically similar to the bugs from Starship Troopers, with a few twists.

I figure the Republic would have no idea how to deal with them other than trying to conquer them – but how do you conquer a hive mind? How do you even begin to fight against that?

And of course, if I go China Analogue, then I can just run with the Shou Lung as a space empire thing more easily, which I guess is nice?

Now for the Capitol and the Provinces.
Theoretically, all citizens are equal. It’s just that some have ended up more equal than others.
I’m thinking Humans, Elves and Dwarves are the most powerful, because they were united on the original continent. After that, all the usual PHB races are from the Capitol.
The non-PHB races are from the Provinces, or the other worlds of Republicspace. They’ve been a part of the Republic for decades, but not the centuries the other races enjoy.

The Colonies is where it gets weird. Homebrew stuff probably. That’s the idea so far, but it might change.

And then Beyond the Colonies is where the explorer ships are heading on their adventures… and finding remnants of all the major races from Republicspace but strangely different. That’ll be fun.

I have access to more ideas of running 5e with classical Roman and Greek elements, thanks to the Arcadia and Theros books, along with the Roman and Greek information books from 2e. Because of that, I think I can do a slightly further advanced Republic justice before I start diving in to the GURPS Rome book or any other systems.

Now to find some players willing to brave the weirdness!

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