Late to A-Z April 2021 Part II

As they were so fond of saying on Star Trek, “and now, the conclusion.”

N – New Settings!
I have a lot of game settings written up, for various different RPGs. But that doesn’t mean my mind isn’t coming up with new ideas, and annoyingly flows with them at that.
Ideas I need to flesh out a bit currently include a Swords and Sandals idea that’s a mishmash of ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian stuff, a Sword and Planet idea that might get folded into Spelljammer or just a sci-fi/fantasy mashup (Numenera maybe?), and a couple of ideas to make planar adventures at lower levels for the elemental planes and the Shadowfell.

O – Out West!
I want to sit down and dedicate some time to actually fleshing out my weird west d&d hybrid. Whether that’s a proper adventure or a more elaborate setting discussion, I don’t really know yet. What I do know is I need to head back down the rabbit hole and get some more inspiration. I might have to rewatch Calamity Jane and Blazing Saddles

P – Planescape!
Of course more planar fun! My only problem is what to do with it all? I really enjoyed writing the Tout’s Guide to Sigil series, and I mentioned in my last post that I have faction things to work on.
I have an outline for a solo game that works for a Sigil messenger, but it needs a lot of work yet.

Q – Quaggoths and Quippers!
By which I mean, there’s not a lot I can use Q for if I don’t want to think about royalty. But it does mean I can think a bit more about strangely named creatures and what they might be about.

R – Rome!
I want to do a bit more research on Rome for my Republic D&D setting. I have a good few ideas so far, and I can probably mine a few things from old 2e books.
Although, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to fold into my next idea now…

S – Spelljammer!
Yes, my version of Spelljammer (or at least my homebrew version of the setting) is a Rome in Space game, with the different fantasy folks coming from different areas/planets, and expanding out through the phlogiston to new colonies and conquests.
Of course, it all goes wrong from there when they start running into other empires, ravenous space dragons, and so forth.

T – Trade Routes!
The bones I’m building my Hollow World idea around is a nexus point for various different cultures on a trade route. I have a couple of books on the Silk Road to read up on, and I’ll be researching spice traders too probably.

U – Using new software!
I have Affinity Publisher to play with, and I want to take a look at Foundry as a virtual tabletop, and probably Dungeondraft or Dungeonfog.

V – VTT!
This last year has of course all been virtual, and I’m glad I never dropped money on Roll20. It seems there’s issues with it every week, and I’m just a player. I’ve heard good things about Foundry, so I want to give that a look. I used Fantasy Grounds years ago back in the 4e days, but I think I’d rather try something new.

W – Water adventure!
I’ve never run an underwater adventure, and I think it could be fun. That’s the current extent of this idea though.

X – Xvart!
Ah yes, another D&D monster with a handy name. This one is about me thinking of the small races of the Planes, but also it always confused me that the xvart had no connection to the Shadowfell. Maybe I can make some shadow corrupted xvart?
Anyway, I’d like to sit down and put together some weird races from other editions and publish those.

Y – Yuan-ti!
OK, this might actually be cheating on my rules for what I want this year since I don’t think I want to see any Yuan-ti in the next twelve months. I’ve not really seen much of them in the last twelve, just not in the mood for them right now though.

Z – Zaaman Rul!
As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m working on something involving elementals for Princes of the Apocalypse, and whilst it’s usually lauded as a good sandbox, it gets criticised for lacking direction for the players to follow.
So, I’m adding some using the Princes of Elemental Good!
(I can’t believe I had something ready to go for Z.)

And that’s that for now. I might try and do another A-Z later in the year, or a proper one even!

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