Planar adventuring – A Sigil for the Inner Planes

Before we start, yes, I know Sigil is the city at the centre of all the planes, but it’s positioned in the centre of the Plane of Concordant Opposition, which is directly connected to the Outer Planes via the gatetowns. That means I’ve always thought of it as a hub for the Outer Planes first and foremost.

And that’s why I started thinking about the big planar hubs in the Inner Planes, the ones associated with elemental energies. The City of Brass on the Plane of Fire, the City of Glass on the Plane of Water, and then various less canon ideas for the other planes.
But no specific hub at the centre of the elements.

Now, arguably, that centre of the elements, where there’s some form of balance, could be seen as the Prime Material Plane, but I’m thinking of something new here, so let’s ignore that for a minute.

Maybe we model this on the Fugue Plane or Concordant Opposition. Maybe we put a city in the middle of elemental chaos.
So what’s this place like? Who lives here?
We’ll ignore the Archomentals, think of them as Powers of the Elemental Planes. The place will be packed with Genies, elementals, mephits, travellers from the Prime and the Outer Planes, giants, dragons, and those touched by the elements – so lots of genasi.
And I think I want to make the place a counterpart and opposite to Sigil, so there’s a Lord of something or other in charge. Roses maybe? Hearts? Staves?
(Maybe we’ll call it Rune, with the ‘e’ pronounced?)

And, weirdly, there’s dabus here too. And absolutely no portals directly to Sigil.

I think it would be a fun place to fall into whilst playing a planar game, and certainly a bit different.

One to keep working on.

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