Adventurous Locales

I’ve been trying to come up with some more interesting places to stick adventures, similar to Sigil in scope though not purpose. My City of Sunsets post sort of inspired this, as did all of my digging into Sigil (such as most recently) and other planar locations.

I need to hash out the ideas a bot, but here are three quick previews:

The City on the Edge of Forever:
This one is a Spelljammer– and Discworld-influenced idea, but could still be a planar location. Jutting out from the edge of a flat world into the void of Wildspace, the city is made up of old ships lashed together to form a long dock with a sort of Disney’s Treasure Planet vibe to it. Big presence from the Elven Navy, but it’s essentially a freeport. The flat world it’s attached to is empty of life and long since harvested of all its resources, though there’s probably room for dungeons and lots vaults and stuff out in its wastelands too.
I liked the idea of the real power behind the place being the last natives of the world, but I haven’t decided who they should be or what’s really going on.

The Fold.
I think I’d base this one in a Material Plane somewhere. Someone (probably a wizard) has worked out a way to fold a large area into a pocket dimension, leaving behind an empty waste that over time is retaken by nature, or other settlers arriving.
Technically, it still exists in the same place, and can be accessed by various means via hidden doors or methods, or more likely by malfunctioning magic items – bags of holding and similar items open into The Fold instead of their usual pockets of item storage.

I’ve written previously about Undersigil, that place that connects most to the undergrounds of various worlds, but also contains as varied a society as the streets of Sigil too.
Unsurprisingly, Oversigil is the idea of streets above the streets, networks of planks crossing alleyways and corridors through abandoned dwellings that in a Material World might serve a group of thieves or a guild of assassins, but in Sigil serve as just another way to get around the street.
Like Undersigil, you won’t find folk being carried around in a hired sedan chair, instead everyone walks themselves to where they’re going. Those with the jink to spare can hire a sedan down in the streets, and those with a lot of jink can buy themselves a magic broom, flying carpet or other flying contraption to fly up above Oversigil and avoid all the traffic.

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