Quirks of a City at the Centre of the Planes

I’ve been thinking a bit about how being at the centre of everything might affect Sigil, specifically how cosmopolitan it might get. A lot of big cities in the real world have established ethnic communities and imported cuisine, chances for fusion cooking, and unique ways of doing things like architecture, art, customs or even laws (and in Sigil, as long as the law doesn’t interfere with the Lady, a neighbourhood could use whatever rules it wants).

So, I’m sure I’ve spoken before about how I don’t think canon Sigil is big enough – but if it’s a city at the centre of the Planes, why not have a neighbourhood called Little Shou or Little Greyhawk, or Braltown or even a Skullport Street hidden in Undersigil.
Not to mention a place to get good City of Brass coffee in a warmer part of town, or good sushi imported straight from the City of Glass to some kind of Sigil waterway (why aren’t there canals everywhere in Sigil?!).

So I think if I ever run Planescape again, I’ll have to make a point that the city is really, really huge and really diverse and much bigger and more complicated and messy than official sources have made it previously.

Anyway, that’s my current musing this week.

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