Mundane magic item ideas

I’m writing a product based on the Adventuring Gear table from the Player’s Handbook. The general idea is to write some useful magic items that are based on mundane equipment. Here are a few samples, from a list of 30 or so that I’m working on.

Collapsible Ladder
Wondrous item, rare
The collapsible ladder looks like two wooden rods capped with rune-covered steel caps at their ends, linked together by one well-worn rung of similar wood. By speaking a command word, the ladder extends in height until the word is spoken again, up to a maximum of 50 feet.
Whilst a creature is climbing the ladder, it remains rooted to the point it was placed and cannot be knocked over.

Everburning Torch
Wondrous item, uncommon
A seemingly normal torch, by speaking a command word, the Everburning Torch lights with a yellow flame, never burning down. Otherwise, it functions as a normal torch.

Smokeless Cooking Kettle
Wondrous item, uncommon
By speaking a command word, runes scratched on this iron pot glow a fiery orange, heating the metal without the need for a cooking fire. The runes contain the heat to the metal pot alone, so if the pot is placed on any flammable material, it will not ignite.

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