A Feywild Bundle

I haven’t had any time to do any writing this week, for one reason or another: a return to full-time office work after 18 months working from home or on short shifts and a sick toddler mostly.

What I do have to report though is that a community bundle that I contributed to has gone live on DMsGuild!

The Twitter banner from the bundle

The Into the Feywild Adventure Bundle 2 features adventures and character options focused on the Fey and the Feywild, and my product Puckish Patrons is in there among them. The bundle is selling for $30 ish, but that’s a saving of almost 50% on the normal costs of the buying everything separately.

I should probably not forget to plug my back catalog too – my Year 1 Bundle includes everything I wrote solo in my first year on DMsGuild (including Puckish Patrons) and is available for less than $5, and everything in that bundle is on sale for half price individually until the end of January 2022.

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