5e creature idea – living weather

Eberron has living spells, magical emanations that have somehow gained sentience through some strange arcane twist, and now roam the landscape causing mayhem. I've seen suggestions of living breath weapons having the same twist - dragon's breath that's gained a will of its own, and now travels about causing mischief. I've been watching some old … Continue reading 5e creature idea – living weather

Oops accidentally all robots

I've mentioned recently that I'm playing a warforged artificer in an Eberron game. I've also recently gotten the chance to finally play the Fantasy Flight version of Star Wars. I went in not knowing very much about the game, I've only played a couple of sessions and I still don't really understand the different symbols … Continue reading Oops accidentally all robots

Adventurous Locales

I've been trying to come up with some more interesting places to stick adventures, similar to Sigil in scope though not purpose. My City of Sunsets post sort of inspired this, as did all of my digging into Sigil (such as most recently) and other planar locations. I need to hash out the ideas a … Continue reading Adventurous Locales

Merry Critmas!

It's Saturday, so there's a new post on my blog, but it's also a day I shall be spending away from tech with family. Unfortunately, we've hit a small snag with a probable covid infection, so it will be a smaller gathering than we'd originally planned, but my toddler has picked up the holiday excitement … Continue reading Merry Critmas!

Updating 5e – Princes of the Apocalypse

I've been spending a lot of my time recently delving in to Princes of the Apocalypse, D&D 5e's second adventure book. It was released in 2015, making it the first to release after all three of the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual were out. It is... not great? I actually had … Continue reading Updating 5e – Princes of the Apocalypse

Changes for 2021

I'm switching up the days for my updates again - I'll be dropping down to just twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Between parenting, work, and wanting to write and publish more stuff, the blog's going to take up a bit less of my time, I hope. I have some looooong posts planned for … Continue reading Changes for 2021

Hooks for Spelljammer stories

I've previously posted about Spelljammer and building up randomised plot hooks for it, but I didn't have any ideas at the time.After going for a walk the other day, I instead came up with the below ideas. Not enough for a random table, and too detailed, but some ideas I might take forwards. A Dwarven … Continue reading Hooks for Spelljammer stories

RPGaDay 2020 prompt 1 – Beginning

Well, here we go again! It's too recent for me to talk about how I got started in roleplaying, so instead, I'll talk a bit about my latest game. I joined a grouop of people mostly from the local meetup group to play a game of D&D set in the Midgard campaign setting by Wolfgang … Continue reading RPGaDay 2020 prompt 1 – Beginning

Dream Settings

“If you could make any game you wanted, and were guaranteed not only enough money to build it to your precise specifications but even that it would be a success (in other words, setting aside all financial considerations), what would you make?”Found on Voyages in Eternity 2007 posts starting here, partly paraphrased This post has … Continue reading Dream Settings

A quick explanation of another sudden change

Tried Squarespace. Didn't like it. No support for sidebars, harder to organise stuff, multiple posts lost without the option to rollback. A pain. So back to WordPress.

Busy times

Or maybe not so busy, but between a few things, I've missed first one post and then taken a whole week off. But I have some stuff ready to go in drafts, just need to polish it a bit.So, should be back and going this week. Fingers crossed!

Writer’s Block

I don't exactly have writer's block. I have a long list of drafts ready and waiting, filled with notes that need fleshing out. I'm just lacking some inspiration to actually flesh them out. I've got the next post for Come Hell or High Water to write, and Loge's next Planescape adventure, as well as another … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Delayed post due to lack of keyboard and busy day

I'm running late with my writing today. I had planned to get a lot done and throw up something before my parents arrived for a visit. But they were a little early and I was a little slow. So the M post will be a little delayed, but hopefully up later today. I'm hoping I … Continue reading Delayed post due to lack of keyboard and busy day

Broken keyboard

Hey everyone. I came home to a broken keyboard on my laptop. Basically the middle row of keys has stopped working except g and h. I'm going to try and kludge something together now, probably involving writing on my phone with the post I started earlier in the day. But I might have to try … Continue reading Broken keyboard


I had a post set up to drop during the day today, and it hasn't shown up. I think I messed up. I can't find it anywhere, and now I have to rewrite it all, and I really can't be bothered right now. Part 2 of the Samurai Wedding adventure will have to wait a … Continue reading Annoyed

A funny thing happened on the way to the whole lot of nothing

Hi So there's been a whole not of nothing at all going on here for the past 3 months, and it only took me the one month to get the internet working in my new house. So... I guess I fell off the blogging wagon a bit. The good news is, I'll be kicking myself … Continue reading A funny thing happened on the way to the whole lot of nothing

Milestone: published post 101! Also, MOVING HOUSE

Hello everyone. I took a break from writing this week to focus on the task of moving house. I'm about half done, but I'm hoping to be all done by the end of the weekend, with only a little cleaning up of the old house to do. If I manage to throw something together, it'll … Continue reading Milestone: published post 101! Also, MOVING HOUSE

Sudden ton of old posts!

I found the import feature of WordPress and added all my old posts from different blogs (though one is now sadly lost to time for being super old and out of date!)   Now to fiddle the tags and categories, because they're exactly the wrong way around!

New place, new plan

So I decided to switch things up a bit. I've been using Blogger since back when it was Blogspot, I think it's time I gave WordPress a go too.   So far, I like it.   More to come soon!