Oops accidentally all robots

I’ve mentioned recently that I’m playing a warforged artificer in an Eberron game.

I’ve also recently gotten the chance to finally play the Fantasy Flight version of Star Wars. I went in not knowing very much about the game, I’ve only played a couple of sessions and I still don’t really understand the different symbols on the dice (why are they all so same-y? Whose idea was that?!), but I’ve also accidentally done something with the game.

I’m playing a droid, who happens to be an engineer…
And a former soldier, because I liked the B1 droids from the Prequel Trilogy as a model to build from (and I didn’t want to keep saying “beep boop” to everything).

So yeah, accidentally made two engineer robots for roleplaying games at about the same time. I think I’ll lean into a soldier/criminal role for B1-G113 (I know, I should have gone B1-LD because he builds things…), whilst Seeker is going magical engineer/priest of a new god I think. They should end up with very different vibes.

I’ll give more of a review of Star Wars once I get a better handle on the system and we do more than wander a town on Tattooine bargaining with jawas.

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