RPGaDay 2020 prompt 1 – Beginning

Well, here we go again!

It’s too recent for me to talk about how I got started in roleplaying, so instead, I’ll talk a bit about my latest game.

I joined a grouop of people mostly from the local meetup group to play a game of D&D set in the Midgard campaign setting by Wolfgang Bauer, specifically we’re playing Tales from the Old Margrave.

We’ve a couple of Elf-marked – a bard and a wizard, a Human fighter, a Dwarf cleric of the Beer goddess, and me – the Ratfolk rogue (rogue/ranger at the last level up).

I’m really enjoying it so far, lots of interesting stuff in Midgard that I haven’t really come across before (which is sort of the point of the setting), and a lot of fun on the adventure so far.
We’ve fought an undead scarecrow type thing, an evil tree, some giant bees, a bunch of nasty fae creatures, and we’re currently looking to put the hurt on a blood wizard and his gang.
We’ve also learned that the forest as a whole might be aware on some level, that magical effects like spells leave little traces here and there (such as frost on the ground after a ray of frost or lichen growing over wounds after any healing spell).

I’m currently trying to decide whether playing as a hedgehog-folk or bear-folk person might have been better, but I’m really enjoying the rat – Twistenbleed.

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