RPGaDay 2020 prompt 2 – Change

Times change, things change, rules change. It’s weird that we’d have to spell that out.

So, I’m going to ignore the pretty obvious ‘changes in D&D’ topic for now, since I’ve covered it recently.

I’m going to use this prompt to look at different ideas I’ve had and how they might affect changes to stuff I’ve already written.
I’ve already changed my mind about Twixt Flower and Thorn being a D&D setting – I’m keeping D&D tropes and filing some numbers off, and throwing it into FATE. It just seemed a better fit, since there’s more scope for doing different social interactions, having more flavours for the Fair Courts and things like that.

So what other stuff has got me thinking recently?

I’ve been thinking about Silkpunk, and whether it would fit in my Hollow World setting.
It means yet another ‘punk’ angle to my settings, which is sort of jumping up a lot at this stage, but the aesthetic and the ideas of dinosaurs and steamships appeal some.
I’m not entirely sold though. It might have to get filed away for later.

I’ve been thinking back on Republic and how it might transfer to a sci-fi setting. Or as a mashup with Polyalbion.
Roman legionnaires with lasers sound like fun, but it’s also basically just Ginnungagap with Romans instead of Vikings. Still fun, but… yeah, not exactly sold on that either.
Mashing it into Polyalbion has potential, but in a lot of ways that idea was already there – an infinite number of realities centred on London or somewhere like that, you’re bound to have Londinium showing up somewhere.

I’ve been thinking about building the Old Crown back in D&D (since that’s where it started all those years ago), but I’m still having issues with that idea – not least because it would involve a lot of homebrewing stuff at this stage to make it fit into the rules set.
Whilst a number of things translate over some, there are still issues with it. The Oathed act as both paladins and clerics for the setting, whilst Arcanists are wizards and Witches are sorcerers, they’re also overlapping with druids and even warlocks.
There’s also a lot of factions to consider, and how they work with D&D would get complicated.

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