Recently I feel like I’ve been dumping a lot of my ideas out of my head and onto storage, which is useful for me but maybe a bit like cluttering up the place for other people?
Regardless, here’s another idea I’ve been dreaming up for a few years, on and off, but only have a few notes done.

Polyalbion was inspired by the Authority comics and the alternate Earth known as Sliding Albion. Basically, in an alternate Earth, blue-skinned, long-lived aliens came to Earth and then married into the British and Italian nobility. Now, they’re an advanced power that is rapidly running out of resources and invaded parallel worlds is presumably easier for them than to expand outwards into space – it makes some sense since there are parallel processing facilities and stuff.

My idea stems from this, but with more of a twist – because I don’t have superheroes to fend off the bad guys, and maybe with more of a Cold War of realities going on – which means it’s now stealing a lot from Counterpart, the tv series starring J.K Simmons.
ISo instead of superheroes, I have Polyalbion, which I’m so far modelling on the Laundry Files novel series by Charles Stross – a little bit of espionage, a little bit of comedy, a lot on in-over-your-head action/madness.
I haven’t worked out if Polyalbion is a government agency, or an intergovernmental agency, or an interdimensional government agency, but whichever way I go, the players are investigating breaches from alternate Earths, or investigating alternate Earths, and so on.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll be pulling in Department 7 from the old d20 Modern rules here. I like the idea that the characters are in Department 7, but might have no idea about much of the entire Agency’s business. Maybe they think they’re all from the same Earth, but then realise they aren’t.

As you can tell, it’s starting to build up, but not much content yet, other than the Sliding Albion bad guys, who I’m so far just referring to as the Redcoats.
And maybe they’ve managed to conquer a few alternate worlds but not enough to meet their goals.

Yeah, lots of stuff to work on there, never mind thinking about what rules set to use!


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