Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 26


I have a habit of leaping onto a new idea before I’ve finished with an old one, and then I end up with several plates spinning at once. Inevitably, stuff falls down and I don’t actually notice.

I’ve been going through my old draft posts and various notes folders on Dropbox and Google Drive and finding a lot of old stuff I’d completely forgotten about, but I’d love to do something with.

For instance, I had an idea for a magic school a long time ago that kind of never went anywhere.
I reckon I’d actually change my plans for running it now – instead of FATE core rules, I’d use Fate Accelerated, and probably lean more heavily on the Rothfuss / Kingkiller trilogy angle. (I should really finish reading his novella, The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Only taken me three months so far!)

I had another idea for a D&D game set in a Roman-style republic that also went nowhere. I’d love to come back to it at some point, especially now that the Theros rules are around. I’d probably have to look at the old 2e supplement for Romans though. I’ve read the Vikings supplement and it’s really good.

There’s an old post somewhere for an idea focused on a gluttony of mages a little similar to the school idea above, though this is more of a gutter-magic, sorcerypunk type of thing.
Is sorcerypunk a thing? Should it be? I’m thinking Lankhmar, Discworld‘s Ankh Morpork City Watch, Dresden Files, Malazan Book of the Fallen mashed together here.
Could be worth a rethink.

And of course, there’s Regency & D & D that I loved the idea of at the time but I think might be harder to pull off.
Maybe focus on one key thing, such as revolution or a Scarlet Pimpernel figure or a mad king or something like that. Actually, that could work.

Can I also direct your attention to Polyalbion, Samsara and Dust?

Not that I need any more of these old ideas to fill my time!

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