Mages everywhere

So, a good few years ago, I wrote something about a magic college I had in mind, and that never saw a moment of play.

Stealing Borrowing heavily from Rothfuss, who I was obviously reading at the time, and Rowling and Dresden Files, it was an idea for a school of private learning for some fantastical setting, and would probably involve a lot of shouting “Twelve points to Gryffindor!” by people playing.
Anyway, never happened.

But recently, I started thinking again about a society where EVERYONE has magical ability in some way or other (stemming from a pre-collapse Cambria, probably). This was helped by browsing Pinterest and Middle Finger of Vecna, and particularly the Warmage. Now, the old idea was thinking about FATE, now I’m thinking about D&D 5e (again, for the time being).

So, maybe everyone is a Warmage. Maybe it’s a horrible mess of every Cleric domain and Sorcerer bloodline and Wizard tradition and Bard college and Warmage house and Paladin oath and Druid circle and Warlock patron, and the world is quietly falling apart, or building towards its doom, or both.
I have a feeling I’m describing the bones of Planescape here. I may be reading too much of the setting too quickly, and now it’s a terrifying mishmash here.


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