Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest IX – Warlord

It's finally time to go beyond levels 1-10, and with a new class no less! The Warlord is a new build of the 4e core class of the same name. That class was a fighter who could buff their allies in a similar way to bards but without magic, and had some cool battlefield control … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest IX – Warlord

Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest III – Rogue

Well I was waiting for the next package to drop, but like a fool I was waiting on the LevelUp5e homepage rather than digging around - I missed it by weeks. Probably need to update that guys! So this package is the Rogue class. First thoughts - it's a lot shorter than the Fighter document. … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest III – Rogue

Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest II – Fighter

The second playtest packet for the LevelUp 5e project is up - this time we've moved from the changes to heritages and on to changes to classes - this has the first ten levels of the fighter in. First impressions - I've seen some of this stuff before in the Tome of Battle, the supplement … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest II – Fighter

Ability Modifiers from Class and Background

There's been a lot of talk about this all over the place for a while now.Here are my current ideas of how I'd like to make the removal of racial ability modifiers work. I'm replacing 'race' here with 'ilk'. Even if you don't agree with the idea, please understand that the word 'race' carries all … Continue reading Ability Modifiers from Class and Background

Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

So I've been mulling this over recently, I never really settled on a patron for Loge. I figured he had no idea he was a warlock yet, made a pact he didn't remember to get out of the City of Brass or something, or was somehow tricked into it for the same reason. But then … Continue reading Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

Does the Old Crown work in D&D 5e?

Well, I've rounded out 250 posts already. Yay! In celebration, let's go back to the start, and consider some ideas for converting my years-long-rpg-baby the Old Crown setting to 5e D&D. This is a question I've been mulling over for a few years. The Old Crown began as a D&D setting, and sort of evolved … Continue reading Does the Old Crown work in D&D 5e?

Perrin Gallowhill -Don’t call him a thief!

The other character that I've picked up is Perrin Gallowhill. He's a level two rogue, about to hit level three. That's about all the story I have for him so far. He went and fought some gnolls and got knocked about royally, and I don't think he liked it much. I don't want to plan … Continue reading Perrin Gallowhill -Don’t call him a thief!

Dima the Crow at level 4

So following a siege from a zombie army and a necromancer, and the deaths of half the town NPCs, I think I'm not happy with the build I'm using for Dima. Being able to understand languages and talk to animals is fine for the character, but the game has a lot more combat to come, … Continue reading Dima the Crow at level 4

Mages everywhere

So, a good few years ago, I wrote something about a magic college I had in mind, and that never saw a moment of play. Stealing Borrowing heavily from Rothfuss, who I was obviously reading at the time, and Rowling and Dresden Files, it was an idea for a school of private learning for some … Continue reading Mages everywhere

Ginnungagap – Classes Redux

Banor - Classes of the Ginnungagap Since I've written a races redux, why not a current look at the classes redux? This relies a lot on Xanathar's Guide / Unearthed Arcana stuff since it made sense to include a few things in the setting that wouldn't appear elsewhere. Here's what I have so far - … Continue reading Ginnungagap – Classes Redux

Ginnungagap – Races Redux

Ættir: Races of the Ginnungagap The different races of the Nine Worlds of the once mighty Æsr Combine include the Aelfr and Aelfblod, Dvergr and Dvergblod, Hrafnr, Manneskr, Niflungr, Trollr and Trollblod. Manneskr - humanity, the majority race of Midgard, mostly living on the planet Midgard and in orbit around it. They might have ancestry from other … Continue reading Ginnungagap – Races Redux