Perrin Gallowhill -Don’t call him a thief!

The other character that I’ve picked up is Perrin Gallowhill. He’s a level two rogue, about to hit level three.
That’s about all the story I have for him so far. He went and fought some gnolls and got knocked about royally, and I don’t think he liked it much.

I don’t want to plan too far ahead, but I also want to think a bit about what options I have open. I thought about making him more of a swashbuckler with levels in fighter and maybe bard, or more of a menace with levels in warlock. With the stats I’m using, those are about my only options – yay pre-gen characters!

I’ll have a sit down with the DM and rest of the party and make a decision about what to aim for this week. See where we end up.

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