Return to Ostromarka

I’ve had more of a mull over my ideas, here’s what else I’ve come up with –

Theudengard, and therefore the Ostromarka, is a human-dominated kingdom. Nevertheless, there are some other races – Alfar (Elves), Alfarblut (half-Elves) and Dwegar (Dwarves) in parts of Theudengard, Ogerblut (half-Orcs) in the Wastes.
Maybe some Tieflings out there too, but certainly none (*wink wink*) in Theudengard itself. Oger (Orcs) and maybe Gnolls out there too.
Of the other races, there is no sign. Legends speak of strange creatures far to the east in lost Serica, but given the twisted forms that roam the Wastes, it’s hard to say if they’re accurate.

I’ve decided to limit the races a bit here because I want more of an old-school feel to the setting, though I haven’t made any decisions about classes yet. I might restrict a few by race. Time to think out loud –
The kingdom of Theudengard considers itself civilised, so Druids probably aren’t very common, and neither are Nature clerics (though there are maybe a few more in the city of Ostromark and the surrounding area than westwards into the interior of the kingdom). The Alfar are more likely to take on their mantle, along with some Ogerblut.
In the same way, Barbarians will probably only be Dwegar or Ogerblut, though the Dwegar aren’t as savage. I think Paladins will be restricted to Humans, Dwegar and Alfarblut.
Wizards, especially abjurers, diviners and invokers, will be the mainstay of the setting. Necromancers wander the Wastes, illusionists and enchanters aren’t well-liked or trusted. Warlocks and Sorcerers will be hoping no one pays them much attention.
I think we can live without the Monk for now. It doesn’t really fit the setting I have in mind. I’ll decide on Bard and Ranger later, though they’ll probably only be Human options.

The Wastes have a kind of malevolence to them, which clings to whatever it touches. A certain amount of time spent out in them, or exposed to their corruption, changes a person. I’m working out some of the rules implications, and how it might change things, but it’s forming up nicely. Cumulative corruption and infection, that sort of thing. Blessings and certain remedies to help.

And then Ostromark and the Ostromarka. I might need to work on names.
Theudengard is the kingdom, the Ostromarka is it’s far eastern edge, where it meets the Wastes (which used to be various small states called the Satrapies, until a mysterious apocalyptic event). The biggest city is currently called Ostromark, though I’m playing with a few names. Possibly Oium or Aujum.

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