Accidentally other settings

So, it feels like a good few of the D&D settings I’ve worked on recently are variations of other settings that I haven’t played.

Yeah, fun right?

Cambria – post-apocalyptic cityscape rewilded by a dense forest. Arcane magic is illegal, instead, there’s psionics.
Which is a bit like Dark Sun, in a forest instead of a wasteland.

The Endless Sea – a world of open edges, freedom to roam, lots of vying powers, some petty criminality, and possible planar shenanigans.
So that would be Planescape, focussing on the sea instead of a central nexus city. Or possibly it’s the Western Marches on water.
Add in Samsara for some of the religious philosophising.

I’m honestly not sure what Ostromarka is aping, but it could be Lament of the Flame Princess. There’s certainly a bit of cthulhoid mess in there.

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