Finally playing Planescape

I finally found a game of Planescape. And, quite honestly, it is awesome!

Now, I might still just be a clueless berk when it comes to Sigil and the Outlands, but I’m hoping to bash my way through some portals and become a real cutter.

Yay, Sigilian slang!


So, I’m playing a genasi called Loge. I had called him that as a massive hint to his origins but no one has actually managed to pick up on it yet – a blue fire genasi is weird I guess?

Loge was born to a human concubine in a harem in the City of Brass, on the Plane of Fire. She must have had some blood that wasn’t human though because no one was expecting a blue-skinned baby.
He got kept as a curiosity after that and got pretty badly beaten for being a genasi. When his mum disappeared, he ended up on the streets, and somehow wound up getting out of the Fire Cage and into Sigil itself.

Going by the name of Loge al-Masafir, he bobs the odd clueless sod and tries to make a jink here and there. He has some skill with thieves tools, but also with magic, and sometimes a silky voice whispers in his dreams about a sword.

He collects various bits and pieces. His pockets are full of scraps of food, trinkets and oddments, and a pet mouse called Laufey.

Anyway, at the moment he’s ended up with a crew of bashers climbing the Infinite Staircase. They’ve hopped out to Arcadia to investigate a curse on a Formian hive, and apparently some flooding.

Very much looking forward to the next game.


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