Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 20


I’m going to hijack this one and talk about coinage.

Coinage in my games can be hit and miss.
I’ve actually thought about it in-depth for The Old Crown, with pennies, florins and nobles and talents in circulation. In most games, I just handwave it as gold and silver.

In my first game of Planescape, I had my character show up in a bar (fell through a portal onto a table) with some cracked opals and a pouch of seashells with a silver inlay in place of actual coins. But it’s the Planes, there’s all kinds of jink around. Demons use souls, people haggle over relics, sometimes they use brightly-coloured seashells tied onto a rope. It’s still currency somewhere, though admittedly there’s nothing better than a weight of precious metal in a setting like that.

I have another few ideas on the horizon that I need to think a bit more about –

in Twixt Flower and Thorn, the fae creatures are going to be much more likely to trade in favours and rumours, whilst the ‘cold iron invaders’ will likely use coinage.

in Frostpunk, the players are going to come across cash but hos is it going to be handled when the world has fallen apart?

Works in progress.

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