Loge does not survive

Yep, that's the title I'm going with. So we're cornered in a room and there's various nasties outside. They're in the way of us leaving the temple on foot, though we could fall back to a higher level.So that's the plan. Attempt parley or run. Parley doesn't really work. So everyone starts to run, out … Continue reading Loge does not survive

Loge’s continuing battles with serpents

OK, At this stage we're several sessions behind on the reports. So, where were we? Slug things! Slug things covered in spiky blade arms, that don't like the light, and could make melee attacks from a distance by opening short-range portals. Luckily, we managed to subdue them with the help of a summoned pack of … Continue reading Loge’s continuing battles with serpents

Loge continues to battle snakes

When last we left our plucky adventurers, they had managed to convince the Tabaxi that they needed to seek out old allies in order to overthrow the Yuan-Ti. That meant we needed to travel into the heart of Aarakocra and Grung territory. After following our Tabaxi guide into Aarakocra territory, we had to climb up … Continue reading Loge continues to battle snakes

Loge fights some snakes

So, after I missed some sessions, Loge finds himself in the Jungles of the Outlands, helping some Tabaxi liberate prisoners and fight off some Yuan-Ti. Basically, hundreds of years ago some Yaun-Ti were oppressing the locals but were driven off. They've come back and made slaves out of the locals, and are also apparently sacrificing … Continue reading Loge fights some snakes

Loge still stuck in that bloody house!

I took a bit of a break from the blog there. Between moving to a new larger house and the birth of my son, I thought I'd take a time out. Here's what's going on with Loge for the last few sessions of the game. The party rests and comes back to the townhouse. Brambles … Continue reading Loge still stuck in that bloody house!

Come Hell or High Water – More filler

So I had another week of unexpected low turnout. How did I cope? Well, I picked up my phone, pulled up some content and randomly rolled some events. Afterwards, I realised the general structure of the session mirrored the last one somewhat, but I think we pulled it off. So, using this handy list of … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – More filler

Loge gets trapped in a townhouse

OK, so last time we'd all escaped out of a window, and were fleeing the nasty hag coven. Should be simple right? Get to the fence, get over the fence, run. And it probably would have been, but those nasty hags were intent on causing trouble, and despite telling us to leave quite forcefully had … Continue reading Loge gets trapped in a townhouse

Come Hell or High Water – the Screaming Skull

So, the plan was to make some player buy-in by having them add in some details and faces for the next island, having been settled there for some time before we picked up the game again. I was thinking something a bit reminiscent of city creation in Dresden Files. Unfortunately, it looked like most of … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – the Screaming Skull

Loge Investigates a Townhouse

Level up!OK, so now we're level four, and I can finally take a Warlock Pact. So, obviously as a Hexblade Warlock, I'm going to take the... Pact of the Tome?Bear with me here. Loge's Patron is a spirit of luck, knowledge, and maybe war. It's much more likely to give him access to more magic … Continue reading Loge Investigates a Townhouse

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan VI

For the purposes of actually having a sizeable chunk to write about, I've condensed a couple of sessions of the game together into this post. So, the party were in the palace prison and had released a whole lot of people from the dungeons. Whilst some stayed to provide a safe fallback position, the rest … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan VI

Magic Item – Chaos (Crossbow) Bolts

You may remember that recently, one of my players brewed up a strange purple potion and tipped his crossbow bolts with it. Well, he seems to have forgotten, as he hasn't used any in recent uprisings in the Palace, however I thought I'd set out what I'd given him. Given the pretty chaotic nature of … Continue reading Magic Item – Chaos (Crossbow) Bolts

Loge runs away

OK, so fighting Spined Devils and Bearded Devils was not fun.Then the Spiked Devils appeared to make the fight a bit harder! After a pretty serious back and forth, we managed to start falling back, eventually hiding behind a wall of fog thrown up by the Dwarven Cleric. With Mr Easy's help, we managed to … Continue reading Loge runs away

Loge fights some devils

This session began pretty much as the last one finished - we could do some side quests or assault a nasty looking figure that lives in the baddest part of the bad part of town. For some reason, we decided we'd just go after the bad guy! So, in order to go up against a … Continue reading Loge fights some devils

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan V

OK, time for a prison break! The group crept through the streets shortly after daybreak, heading towards the docks. With the one human in the group wearing borrowed town guard armour and working as a scout, they managed to make their way through the back streets to the house of Baba, the midwife and cleric … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan V

Loge investigates the alchemist

OK, so after a bit of a recap - Lord Gwyned, the Eladrin, is willing to look after us, and has some work for us to do too.He's given us a base in the Lady's Ward for now, whilst we work out what we're doing with the Chainmasters and stuff. So we have a couple … Continue reading Loge investigates the alchemist

Planning ahead – Come Hell or High Water

So the point of an island-hopping adventure is to island-hop, but so far we've only seen two islands - Ys and Bouyan.When they left Ys, I gave my players a choice of direction, or two islands, and they picked Bouyan - but that was actually a mistake on m part, because I gave them a … Continue reading Planning ahead – Come Hell or High Water

Loge on autopilot

I had to miss the regular session, but I got sent a write-up and here's what I understand happened. I should probably preface this with the fact I have no idea what happened to Loge, whether he fell off the Staircase or anything. The party managed to make it to the Formians in Arcadia after … Continue reading Loge on autopilot

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan IVa

This was a mostly roleplay session, and pretty short. The Vechernaya sisters called out to the other priests of the island, and summoned a lot of junior worshippers of the old gods to the temple.Meanwhile, Blind Nico called his men and a map was drawn to plan the next phase. Before the party's attack on … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan IVa

Loge meets an Abjurer and has a Bad Time

So, the servant's head arrived in a box. And then the group called in the police... The Hardheads are an interesting bunch, like most of the factions in Sigil. They're big on the justice but not necessarily great on the details. Loge and the druid arrive back just after the Hardheads leave and are filled … Continue reading Loge meets an Abjurer and has a Bad Time

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan IV

After resting, the party headed back to town with surprising speed. Baba Yaga's hut had disappeared but the tracks went upstream. Arriving at the edge of the forest caused a stir in the hands in the field. When the party got closer, they saw the foreman run off towards the gate and have a conversation - … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan IV