Loge’s continuing battles with serpents

OK, At this stage we’re several sessions behind on the reports.

So, where were we? Slug things!

Slug things covered in spiky blade arms, that don’t like the light, and could make melee attacks from a distance by opening short-range portals. Luckily, we managed to subdue them with the help of a summoned pack of wolves.

Then a Naga appeared.
And was summarily fireballed.

We checked out the other rooms – we didn’t head downstairs to the basilisks just yet. The back room contained an altar and some weird totem things – none magical, so we left after briefly being ambushed by those floating snake things.

Upstairs, we ran into the terrifying darkness room – once it was also dispelled, there were three large snakemen with bows or swords that pounded on us for a while. But we scraped through.

Another alter in this room had a handful of magic items on it – a lucky cat’s head, some kind of twisted druid staff and a bow that turned to ash as soon as it was touched.
The alter was draining their magical energy and feeding it into one of two portals active in this room – one marked Tower of the Arcane, and one marked Tower of Worship.

Scary demon wasp things popped out of the Worship portal and attacked us, and a couple of humans with wands came at us out of the Arcane – again, we made short work of them thanks to some summoned spiders, but the Nature Cleric failed a couple of saves against the wasps – more on that in a minute.

Another human came out of the Arcane portal and tried to call a truce, but seemed pretty shifty. He got beat up for not telling the truth but ran back through the portal – and we all followed.

The next room was small and apparently empty until someone fell through the floor – an illusion hiding a shaft connecting various floors and ending at the bottom with the humans – they were fine thanks to levitation spells.
Again, a temporary truce was called, but when those failed saves came back to haunt us when two tiny maggots crawled out of the Cleric and immediately grew to full size wasps, Mr Mage (because it’s the tower of the Arcane) was a little slow to help out.
By this stage, we’d pieced together he was a pretty famous necromancer from Sigil who’d been hired to resurrect something – probably some kind of eldritch Snake God.

After being too shifty for too long, he also got the chop from the Bard and the Barbarian, and then we were stuck trapped in the room, as Yuan-Ti had begun amassing outside.

We ended our last session knowing there’s a Yuan-Ti Pureblood outside backed up by two Nagas and some kind of shadowy, cloaked figure hiding behind them.

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