Loge does not survive

Yep, that’s the title I’m going with.

So we’re cornered in a room and there’s various nasties outside. They’re in the way of us leaving the temple on foot, though we could fall back to a higher level.
So that’s the plan. Attempt parley or run.

Parley doesn’t really work.

So everyone starts to run, out past the nasty Yuan-Ti soldier and pureblood, two Nagas, and a cloaked figure who is almost certainly a Medusa.

Most of the party make it, though the bad guys get a few hits in. The Nature cleric gets grabbed by a coiled tail and can’t catch up.

The party escapes upwards, following a tunnel up to the next floor. Loge and the Tiefling ranger have been here before, so have an idea what the landing above looks like and how to get outside from there – and outside there are hopefully some Aarakocra reinforcements who can help out.

The Medusa drops a giant snale spiritual guardian halfway up the passage, on top of Loge, and splits the party into two groups, then one of the Naga creates a void further up the passage – passable, but damaging, and basically a vacuum filled with the light of distant stars.

The Goliath runs straight though and goes to get more help, Loge tries to follow and doesn’t make it – taking enough damage to knock him unconscious.

The rest of the group keep fighting, but the Nature cleric can’t escape the clutches of the snakes and also falls unconscious.

No one pulls Loge out of the void – damage on the start of turn, a failed death save and damage at the end of turn, Loge dies! His body is eventually pulled from the void by someone else.

The Nature cleric rolls a 1 on a death save and takes damages, killing her also (for which I can only apologise, having rolled that die myself!).

The Aarakocra are summoned into the temple, and from the air are able to dispatch the remaining Yuan-Ti in the chamber.

Now the group just has to deal with two dead party members, and whatever is left in the Tower of Worship.

Loge… doesn’t know he’s dead yet. He’s having a horrible, horrible dream…

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