Draft One Page Campaign Opener – Out West

After the Lich Wars, everyone wanted to forget the past and move on, but that was pretty difficult when you lived right beside people that fought for the other side, or when all your family and friends were long gone, or when your whole reason for being was the Wars.

Out West it’s easier – no one really knows you from Back East, no one remembers what you did or who you swore your colours to. All that matters is surviving in the Wastes, maybe carving out your own homestead, maybe getting rich from mining Ghostrock or trapping weird Critters.

You’ve found yourself in the town of Dust, pretty far out in the Wastes. Maybe you’ve been working to build the Ironroad through town, maybe you’ve a Ghostrock prospector, maybe you’re just trying to forget the horrors you saw in the Wars at the bottom of a bottle.

Out West is a D&D game with a Wild West twist. Characters use their wits and their gut to survive in the Wastes and maybe make their fortune, or at least a living.

Characters can be Human Willworkers, Ghost Elf Sword-dancers, Gnomish Arcanotechs, Dwarven Roughriders, Tiefling Sheriffs, Goblin Hucksters, Warforged Gunslingers and (Dragonkin) Drudge Sharpshooters.

May the Lady guide your dice (and cards!).

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