Loge fights some devils

This session began pretty much as the last one finished – we could do some side quests or assault a nasty looking figure that lives in the baddest part of the bad part of town.

For some reason, we decided we’d just go after the bad guy!

So, in order to go up against a nasty in a the very worst part of Sigil, crawling with devils and demons after a part of their infinite Blood War took place in the city, we needed to do some reconnaissance.
Hooray for street kids and desperation?

Loge managed to find a few likely chancers after showing a bit of jink, and one kid named Ned really paid off.
After a week, we had the layout of the streets around bad guy’s address, we knew he had some kind of flying devils patrolling the skies and armoured fighters constantly sparring inside his little shack.

And we knew he took regular walks in the morning, always a similar route, and therefore easy to find.

The Eladrin Bard went looking for some allies to help and managed to scrounge up two Lilendi from the infinite staircase, an Eladrin archer from Lord Gwynned and a Formian Myrmarch from Arcadia.

With all of that help, we managed to come up with a plan to ambush the cloaked person as they walked through the Slags and deal with them outside their scary stronghold. We just needed someone to get us in and out of the Slags.
For that, the group picked Mr Easy, a kabuki-masked Tiefling (we think?) who likes to dress all in white, and could be paid to keep us alive.

He delivered, and got us right where we needed to be.

Long story short, the team made short work of what turned out to be a chain devil wearing a big cloak, but before he got beheaded and turned to dust, he managed to call on reinforcements, and soon enough we were fighting off a horde of spined devils attacking from above and bearded devils running up the tight streets towards us!

To be continued!

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