Where to next?

At some point, I want to sit down and properly flesh out some more of my ideas, but who has the time?

Ostromarka – I’m happy with where this setting has ended up I think. It needs a bit of work, but I managed to run one session, stealing from a one-shot Forgotten Realms game I ran a few months ago but changing some of the tone and the characters. And obviously the setting. It worked, and I think it could go pretty well.

Twixt Flower and Thorn – definitely something I want to work a bit more on. The idea of playing in a fae realm and fighting an invasion of humans and their allies is a good one I think. But the setting as a whole needs a bit more work, as we’re not looking at the usual races and some of the classes are probably affected too.

Cambria – the more I think on the setting, the less I feel happy with it. This is my psionics-heavy, post-apocalyptic, steam/arcanopunk setting, and I think I have the flavours down but maybe not the tone or the rules. I need to work on this a bit more, even if I just sit and work out a few of the kinks.
Of course, having some official psionics rules would be nice too!

Ginnungagap – I’m taking a long time to actually get anywhere near this as a playable state, but I think I’m more or less there. Some of the races need tweaks, and maybe a few classes and spells, but I’m happy I could steal some of the spaceship combat things from various other sci-fi d&d settings pretty easily now – there seems to be a lot of them since I started thinking about this setting.

Hollow World – this is still pretty prototype-y, but I have a good feeling about it. The setting needs work, but focusing on that first should lead to a bit more of the call to adventure, and throw up any rules tweaks I might need to come up with.

The Old Crown – One day I’m going to run this game. One day. I don’t know what rules I’ll use, I don’t know who I’ll play with, but I want to go back there and have fun in that world. Every time I think about it a bit more, I realise I’ve barely touched the surface with what I want to do with the setting, or where I want to go with it.

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