Loge investigates the alchemist

OK, so after a bit of a recap –

Lord Gwyned, the Eladrin, is willing to look after us, and has some work for us to do too.
He’s given us a base in the Lady’s Ward for now, whilst we work out what we’re doing with the Chainmasters and stuff.

So we have a couple of leads – meet the Chainmasters or speak to Woolly Cupgrass the Bariaur alchemist and see what he knows about the poison affecting the Planes.

The party decided to meet with the Chainmasters in the Chirper first, and Lord Gwyned said he’d have a couple of men waiting in reserve in case we needed them.
Loge paid a visit to the Grand Market to track down Habib, and see if his associates would be willing to do the same, just in case. Habib seems to be a spokesman for a group of independent-minded Cagers. Loge will be back for more information on that! In the meantime, he says he’ll place a few people outside, and be inside the Chirper if needed – he’ll be wearing the red ribbon, even if he doesn’t quite look the same…

Heading to the Chirper was no problem at all, though we did pass a sort of procession around a large, ornate carriage whilst still in the Lady’s Ward.
Inside the Chirper, after being told to remove our armour and weapons, we met with the leader of the Chainmasters. He was anxious to have the Hardheads out of his business, explaining that the agent sent to get information out of the Bard’s servant went a bit too far, and was not currently welcome in Sigil or with the Chainmasters – taking a little sabbatical somewhere.
In exchange for leaving him alone, he agreed to give up the man who hired him – a deep-voiced gentleman in a long dark robe, covering some kind of clinking armour (though he’d hired the Chainmasters based on favouring their name – I have a hunch it wasn’t armour!).
He’s to be found in the worst part of the Hive, in an area called the Slags. The place was ravaged by an overflow of the Blood War between the Demons and Devils years ago and hasn’t really come back from it.

The party wasn’t sure about going up against the mysterious gentleman just yet, but after leaving the meeting we paid a visit to Woolly Cupgrass to try and find out more information on the brewer of the poison affecting the various planars.

Woolly was already in bed it seems, but after an explanation of what we were after, led us to the last known kip of his rival alchemist – a young human male, very impressionable, working out of a kitchen in his apartment (though a Clueless newcomer named Trigret who had managed to get himself a kip in short time, so very good at what he did).
After the Abjurer tried waking a neighbour by banging a Mage Hand on our target’s windows, we climbed the stairs and broke in. The place was deserted, but a long search managed to find us an old discarded diary written in some kind of unknown language.

Hooray for the Warlock invocation Eyes of the Runekeeper! I knew it would come in handy!

So, he was completely Clueless when he arrived, and whilst working on various bits of alchemy and magic item enchantment, he travelled around Sigil learning about the various Factions and their competing philosophies.
And then at some point, Trigret met a woman called Vesstorium, a Tiefling (or possibly Devil) woman, very charismatic, who is some sort of military leader.
And he turned to her cause, and eventually was persuaded to leave his new home in Sigil. And to go help her… somewhere.

That’s all I managed to get as we left the apartment and cast Mending on the broken lock behind us.

Back at Lord Gwyned’s, we weighed up our options. We needed more information on the man in the Slags and on Vesstorium. We could try a Yugoloth information broker and hope our looking wasn’t a good enough commodity for them to sell on, try and ask around ourselves, or try a Githzerai man known as Rule of Three who could sometimes be useful and sometimes not so much.
We went with Rule of Three for now.

We found him in a bar in the Hive, a pretty dingy place, but he was happily drinking a cup of tea.
He had an odd way of speaking, giving three answers, and often they contradicted each other. But we managed to get a bit of information.
Vesstorium is a Tiefling military leader in Acheron. So that’s presumably where Trigret has gone, along with his poison production.
The man in the cloak is almost certainly surrounded by Demons and Devils and all kinds of monsters, because the Slags is a horrible place to be.

We decided we’re not ready to face either of those eventualities yet, so we’ll be doing a few odd jobs and maybe picking up some other quests in the meantime whilst we at least wait for some mithril armour to be ready.

That’s where we ended the session.

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