Planning ahead – Come Hell or High Water

So the point of an island-hopping adventure is to island-hop, but so far we’ve only seen two islands – Ys and Bouyan.
When they left Ys, I gave my players a choice of direction, or two islands, and they picked Bouyan – but that was actually a mistake on m part, because I gave them a brief description of Yonaguni instead of Bouyan.

I compromised and sent them to Bouyan, and then planned to move on to Yonaguni.
So, what will that island be like?

Well, the short answer is I don’t fully know yet. I have plans for adventure hooks, and I know the flavour, but I planned on giving the guys more say on the island – I’m going to steal a bit from FATE for this bit.
One of my favourite parts of playing Dresden Files, and other games of FATE, was that the players had some say in the creation of the setting. Even just by naming a location and a contact there, it enables a bit of more of the wider setting to appear and the players to invest in the setting a bit more.

So, I have a couple of locations I can suggest (*cough* Goblin Market *cough*) and hopefully steer the players into a couple of types of contact for those areas, and I also plan on getting the players to think of a couple of locations too.

So what was that flavour for Yonaguni I mentioned? We’re going with teahouses, geisha, goblin and minotaur samurai, a few daimyo and a shogun, and probably some kind of ninjas too.
And then the eunuch sorcerers are going to show up.

Should be fun!

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