Loge on autopilot

I had to miss the regular session, but I got sent a write-up and here’s what I understand happened.

I should probably preface this with the fact I have no idea what happened to Loge, whether he fell off the Staircase or anything.

The party managed to make it to the Formians in Arcadia after running away from the Slaad. After handing over the antidote to the strange poison affecting the ant-men and their queen, we were each given a bag of mithril bars – worth approximately a thousand gold pieces each! They also handed over three mithril shields.
The Queen has rewarded future aid against the Duergar Chainmasters and future trade in mithril bars.

The party then went and spoke to the Formians’ Duergar prisoner, who looked pretty rough. He begged for his freedom in return for betraying the Chainmasters, even though that would mark him for death.

Heading back to Sigil, we finally found a Lillend and passed on another draught of the antidote, telling them how it works.
Back in Sigil, our usual portal to the Staircase in the bar cellar might be getting better known, so we paid the owner some jink to keep an eye out for Duergar using it, and to report back to us if they did.

Loge’s blacksmith contact Thurgi came in handy, as he was a master craftsman with unusual metals.
He made more armour for the group, then bought up the last of the mithril, and sold goods at a decent discount for the future promise of more mithril.
He’s not a fan of the Chainmasters either and knows a good few other dwarves that feel the same – who he’d be happy to introduce us to!

Grabbing the Eladrin’s remaining servants and settling up the inn bill, we found out the Hard Hats were looking for us. Then we took a rickshaw to the Lady’s Ward and the Gilead Estate – the home of the Eladrin Lord Gilead, where the bard’s servant had last been seen before ending up beheaded.

Lord Gilead gave a formal greeting and we withdrew to his personal library.
After relaying the events that lead up to the death of the bard’s servant, he offered anyone injured healing potions and gave the party the hospitality of his estate. His merchant house is very interested in getting into the mithril trade (lucky us).
He will also give us his aid when we move against the Chainmasters, and gave the party more information on the meeting place that the Chainmasters had suggested for their truce talks – the Chirper.

He’s even going to help the bard find a new servant. He seems nice.

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